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Democrats now so hard-core pro-abortion they avoid even “tactical vagueness”

by | Mar 13, 2020

Democrats now so hard-core pro-abortion they avoid even “tactical vagueness”

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You can tell we are getting deeper and deeper into the presidential election cycle when reliable pro-abortion opinion writers start to post stories that recognize abortion extremism is not a winning proposition. Of course, they never acknowledge how damaging it is. If they did, they might actually concede that pro-abortionists such as former Vice President Joe Biden and Democratic-Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders would need to do more than give a passing nod to meaningless “restrictions” on abortion.

David Leonhardt writes for the relentlessly pro-abortion New York Times. Like virtually all the Times’ scribes, he hates pro-life President Donald Trump and desperately wants him defeated this November. But how?

Yesterday he wrote a story that ran under the headline, “The Simple Reason the Left Won’t Stop Losing: Progressives need to care more about winning.”

Leonhardt argues, “The biggest lesson [from this year’s campaign]  is simply this: The American left doesn’t care enough about winning.

It’s an old problem, one that has long undermined left-wing movements in this country. They have often prioritized purity over victory. They wouldn’t necessarily put it these terms, but they have chosen to lose on their terms rather than win with compromise.

You can see this pattern today in the ways that many progressive activists misread public opinion. Their answer to almost every question of political strategy is to insist that Americans are a profoundly progressive people who haven’t yet been inspired to vote the way they think. The way to win, these progressives claim, is to go left, always.

Leonhardt’s op-ed is a balancing act. He wants his readers to believe that while the ultra-liberal, ultra- proabortion Democrat activist wing of the party goes too far on virtually every issue, the electorate is moving in the Democrats’ direction on some issues.

How true that may or may not be, is beside the point. Those are issues outside our domain. Is the electorate coming closer to Democrats on abortion?

Leonhardt can’t actually spell out how out to sea Biden and Sanders (and all the other candidates who’ve already dropped out)actually are. They don’t figuratively, they literally believe in abortion throughout pregnancy for any reason or (preferably) no reason. They want (they’d demand, if they controlled both houses and the presidency) the taxpayer pay for abortion. 

And if you are a baby who survives an abortion, too bad. No Democrat running for president would require equal treatment—not more treatment, just no less treatment—than would be given to baby born at the same gestational age.

To his credit, while describing how the extremists can persuade themselves the public is with them, Leonhardt observes, “They often do so by pointing to polls with favorably worded, intricate questions — and by ignoring evidence to the contrary.” He concedes “that most Americans favor some abortion restrictions…”

Those “restrictions” (which he does not list) include opposition to abortion funding and abortions after 20 weeks,  and support for parental involvement and ultrasounds prior to an abortion, to name just four. No Democrat running for president is in agreement on any of these.

 In a prior column, which he links to in this one, Leonhardt revisits the “purity” issue vis a vis Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who exited last week. In what amounted to a very revealing aside, Leonhardt wrote that neither Sanders nor Warren would embrace “even much tactical vagueness.”

 That, of course, used to be the Democrats’ position on abortion. Remember “safe, legal and rare,” President Clinton’s meaningless formulation that Hillary Clinton adopted until she, like all the other Democrats running for the highest office, embraced and now touts abortion extremism on steroids? Not anymore.

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