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Man attempts to abort eight-month-pregnant girlfriend after watching YouTube videos

by | Mar 20, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

One  Indian newspaper called it “gruesome” and “horrifying “ while another  described what happened earlier this week as “shocking.”

None do justice toA 27-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly trying to manually pull out the eight-month-old foetus from his teenage girlfriend’s womb,” as the lead to a story in the New Indian Express described what took place.

The unidentified couple reportedly did not want their family to know about the pregnancy. “The man watched certain YouTube tutorials and decided to perform an abortion,” according to the account. “The 19-year-old [woman], who was in a critical condition after the botched-up surgery on Thursday, is stable now.”

The accounts are nauseating. After watching YouTube videos, the man attempted to dismember the baby in order to pull the baby out. 

While conducting the abortion, he tried to pull the foetus by its head. However its hand came out. Seeing this he got perplexed as there were no videos which demonstrated pulling out a baby by hand. But he ignored all this and decided to conclude the abortion surgery. However in an attempt to pull the foetus by the hand, he broke it.

“The pregnant teenager started bleeding badly and the foetus died inside the womb,” the New Indian Express reported.

The man rushed the teenager to a nearby hospital from which she was transferred because of the gravity of her condition.  

The man had persuaded the girl “that he would abort the foetus,” the New Indian Express reported. “Late on Wednesday, he took the girl to a cashew farm at a short distance from Gummidipoondi [a town in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu]. According to the police officials, he bought the necessary equipment including surgical blades, gel, scissors and gloves on Wednesday morning. The items were purchased on the basis on YouTube tutorial which he watched.”

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