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Metro Detroit Abortion Facility Has New Pro-Life Neighbors

by | Mar 11, 2020

By Right to Life of Michigan

The Pregnancy Aid clinic in Detroit has had an exciting new development that’s been years in the making. They are now the owners of a new building—previously a dentist’s office—right next door to the abortion facility in Eastpointe.

The dream for this location began years ago, when several people from Pregnancy Aid were praying outside of the abortion facility. They began discussing how beneficial it would be to have a Pregnancy Aid clinic available for women right next door so women would have the option to immediately receive prolife information and resources. 

They decided to take a chance and visit the building next door to see if the owner would ever be interested in renting or selling the building. They were surprised to hear that the dentist who owned the building had been considering retirement and was open to renting the building to them following his retirement.

Finally, years later, the dentist offered to sell them the building. Initially Pregnancy Aid was only hoping to rent, but their board decided it was too important an opportunity to pass up. They moved forward with the purchase, even though Governor Whitmer cut the Real Alternatives state funding which had made up 33% of their budget. They have decided to take a leap of faith!

Pregnancy Aid now officially owns the building and is working on obtaining the necessary licensing and permits. They will soon begin some painting and repairs, and hopefully will be open in late April or early May 2020.

The Knights of Columbus have been integral across the state in making sure prolife pregnancy help centers are equipped with good ultrasound machines, and they are in the process of helping Pregnancy Aid equip the new location. Being able to offer free ultrasounds to women to complement their free pregnancy tests and counseling is important in helping women see the humanity of their unborn children.

We are excited to see what lives will be saved because of this new location!

Pregnancy Aid is one of the Metro Detroit pregnancy centers Right to Life of Michigan supports through grants. Pregnancy centers in other parts of the state typically have local Right to Life of Michigan affiliates to assist their efforts in various ways, but there is no Right to Life of Michigan affiliate currently inside the city of Detroit.