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Pro-abortion NARAL says “Donald Trump is the single greatest threat to reproductive freedom”

by | Mar 11, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

Elsewhere today we take a look back at yesterday’s results in six states that held primaries. In a word, pro-abortion former Vice President Joe  Biden did very well against his lone rival to be the Democrat Party’s presidential nominee, pro-abortion Democratic Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders. 

Yesterday NRL News Today ran a post under the headline, “Biden v. Sanders on abortion: a distinction without a difference.“ I wrote the post, spurred by an article written for Newsweek written by Chantal Da Silva, “As Bernie Sanders releases reproductive healthcare plan, where does Joe Biden stand on abortion access?”

In a nutshell, once upon a time Biden voted in support of the Hyde Amendment and in favor of a ban on the hideous partial-birth abortion technique. Now, even as Sanders tries to out-fanaticize him on abortion (quite a trick), Biden has repudiated his support for the Hyde Amendment and embraced the full panoply of proposals to embed abortion even deeper in our culture (and internationally). All dimensions of this breath-takingly broad death-promoting campaign are –of course—to be paid for by the unwilling American taxpayer.

But while representatives for various pro-abortion organizations were careful not to endorse one candidate or the other—” While the paths Biden and Sanders took to arrive at their current campaign platforms have been vastly different, pro-abortion advocacy groups have welcomed the commitments outlined in both plans”–they were eager to announce who is their #1 enemy: pro-life President Donald Trump. 

“Our job is to remind candidates of what’s on the line for the right to access abortion, and we need their unwavering support and bold ideas now more than ever before” [NARAL Pro-Choice America spokesperson Amanda Thayer] said. Ultimately, Thayer asserted, “Donald Trump is the single greatest threat to reproductive freedom and we are focused on ensuring he is a one-term president.”

They recognize (and fear) the life-affirming truth Karen Cross, NRL’s Political Director wrote last month on President’s Day: 

Pro-life President Donald J. Trump and his Administration have established more pro-life policies than any other president in history.

A summary of President Trump’s record on life issues is available here:

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