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Pro-abortionists want Biden and Sanders asked to affirm total commitment to most radical pro-abortion positions

by | Mar 13, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

Anyone who has followed the long, long journeys of the now-down-to-two field of candidates know that each and every one of the Democrats who have competed to be their party’s presidential nominee is knee-deep in abortion advocacy. Even the in-the-tank media enablers will concede that the field is far to the left of pro-abortion former President Obama on a welter of issues, including most assuredly abortion.

But leading up to Sunday’s one-on-one debate between former vice president Joe Biden and Democratic Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, abortion advocates are convinced not enough attention has been paid to abortion in prior debates. They are persuaded if Democrats just tell the public how far they are now positioned on abortion, it will redound to their benefit, a classic case of the wish being father to the thought and utterly delusional thinking.

On Thursday, offered 15 questions moderators could ask Biden and Sanders. Part of the motivation, presumably, is to remind voters that in an earlier political iteration—back before he “woke”– Biden cast a few pro-life votes, which he has since renounced with vigor. 

In answering such questions as those posed by, Biden could offer the “I’ve grown in my understanding” gibberish while Sanders could insist Biden could never be as trustworthy as Sanders.

The questions range from, hey, how about “enlarging” the Supreme Court  to “Would you support federal pre-clearance of state-level abortion restrictions ?,” which is likely blatantly unconstitutional as was pointed out after one-time candidate Sen. Kamala Harris offered the idea up in a MSNBC town hall. 

Even if it did pass a Democrat-controlled House of Representatives, it would be filibustered in the Senate, even if Democrats controlled that body as well. Which is why another question was whether the candidates would end filibusters.

But my favorite question—which illustrated the dangers of candidly admitting how radically pro-abortion Democrats have become—came under the euphemistic category of “Later abortion care”:

  • Do you think unqualified support for abortion rights at any point in pregnancy should be enshrined in the Democratic Party platform?
  • How would you counter Republican attacks on later abortion care, which they frame as an extremist position?

None of this “abortion safe, legal and rare” malarkey. wants Biden and Sanders to say unequivocally that the party platform should express “unqualified support for abortion rights at any point in pregnancy.” I assume by “unqualified,” they mean there needn’t be any reason to abort a child at the 39th week other than the mother wants the kid dead. No more of hiding behind “tough cases.”

Likewise, because Republicans—indeed, any morally sentient human being—will see (not “frame”) this as extremist, what’s their response going to be?  In the pro-abortion echo chamber, abortion up to birth is now the new-normal. That and, of course, no care for abortion survivors.

So, I agree with Let’s have Biden and Sanders pledge undying fealty to killing unborn children for any reason or no reason “at any point in pregnancy.”

And see where that takes them.

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