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Reaping the harvest of 47 years of cruelty and indifference towards the most helpless of all God’s creatures

by | Mar 5, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

Two weeks ago we wrote about hearing before the Nebraska Legislature’s Judiciary Committee. The subject matter was a proposal to ban—stop—the dismemberment of living unborn babies. Twelve states currently have such legislation on their books.

Hard as it is to believe, there was opposition, but it came from the usual suspects for the usual reasons. However, supporters carried the day.

State Senator Suzanne Geist, who had introduced the bill (LB 814) on the opening day of the session, told the Judiciary Committee, “Regardless of our individual opinions on abortion, I think we can agree that no living creature, and certainly no living human being, should be subject to this barbaric act in the name of women’s health.” This practice, she said, “truly has no place in modern medicine and should not be happening in our society.”

Dr. Kathi Aultman, a former Planned Parenthood abortionist who now is pro-life, told the committee, “I support this bill because it prevents the infliction of needless pain and suffering on innocent human beings, and preserves the integrity of the medical profession.” 

On Wednesday, the North Platte Telegraph newspaper ran a column written by Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts. The headline was only four words long but said it all: “Ban Brutal Abortion Method.”

To the pro-abortion mind, his opening paragraph might as well have been written in Sanskrit. It is, literally, unintelligible to them.  But to those whose ears are not clogged with pro-abortion propaganda, Gov. Ricketts spoke volumes in only 65 words.

Nebraska is a pro-life state that respects the dignity of human life. You can see it in everything from how Nebraskans care for their neighbors to how legislators fight to protect preborn babies. While we have made great strides over the years, we have more work to do. You may be surprised to learn this: It is still legal in Nebraska to perform dismemberment abortions.

Nebraska is not New York or Vermont or Illinois or Rhode Island where to accept any limitations on abortion no matter how late in pregnancy would constitute a form of apostasy. In Nebraska, the governor is saying, we respect the dignity of human life, including protecting the most vulnerable.

Let me quote just one more paragraph, although I hope you will read the governor’s entire op-ed:

Kristen New formerly worked as a counselor for three years at abortion clinics, and she also testified in support of Sen. Geist’s bill. Kristen witnessed a dismemberment abortion up close. She held the hand of the mother about to have the procedure as she was sedated and put to sleep. Kristen then eyed the ultrasound screen as the abortion occurred. She could not endure watching its brutality and had to excuse herself from the room. After the abortion ended, she insisted on seeing the baby’s dead body. Looking at the boy’s once-perfectly formed body, now pulled apart and clinically arranged on a tray, disgusted and horrified her. The sickening experience motivated her to quit her job.

I have asked this question before, and it was not a rhetorical inquiry. Is there anything—anything—that is so sordid, so vile, or so squalid that the abortion apologists at Planned Parenthood and the major media would say, “No! This cannot be allowed.”

Yesterday we wrote about a post that appeared at a pro-abortion site, one that specializes in glorifying the reprehensible and exalting the despicable. I think, if you missed my take on it, it’d be worth taking five minutes out.

The topic of the pro-abortion post, written by Paige Alexandria, was a young teenager whose friend “filmed the ultrasound screen” as she was being aborted and then posted it on as a 20 second TikTok  video. Evidently she did not have permission to film anything.

Alexandria goes  back and forth over the propriety of the video but came down on the side of posting it, presumably because “nothing significant was visible.” She then went onto glorify a woman who years ago made a conscious decision to post her surgical abortion on YouTube. 

Emily Letts came under considerable criticism, even from pro-abortionists, but she was unfazed and unbowed. Letts said this, in a post she wrote for the Cosmopolitan blog that  I shall never forget:

“I know that sounds weird, but to me, this was as birth-like as it could be. It will always be a special memory for me. I still have my sonogram, and if my apartment were to catch fire, it would be the first thing I’d grab.”

Back to the teenager. I did not comment on this, which appears early in Paige Alexandria’s post: “She’s supported by a friend and fist-pumps while sitting in the waiting area.”

Why? I was dumbfounded, I guess. I shouldn’t be, after all these years, but I was.

Maybe I should be grateful the teenagers did not exchange high-fives or begin a chant complete with pom-poms. Who knows, that might be next in the never ending fight to “destigmatize abortion.”

What I do know is we are reaping the harvest of 47 years of cruelty and indifference towards the most helpless of all God’s creatures.

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