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Unsurprisingly, pro-abortionists trying to exploit COVID-19 Pandemic

by | Mar 26, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

As I tried to as often as possible, for the last story of the day, I like to try to pull together several strands, several different ideas and see what they may be telling us.

First, it is merely a coincidence, but on this day in 1953, “American medical researcher Dr. Jonas Salk announces on a national radio show that he has successfully tested a vaccine against poliomyelitis, the virus that causes the crippling disease of polio.” Lo these many years later, I remember vividly how polio struck my family and why “for promising eventually to eradicate the disease, which is known as ‘infant paralysis’ because it mainly affects children, Dr. Salk was celebrated as the great doctor-benefactor of his time.”

Second, as I’ve written many times, I understand that politics is rough and tumble, never more so than in a presidential year. But as both Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw and Newsbusters’ Kyle Drennen have written, pro-abortion MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell seemed positively despondent that President Trump’s approval numbers are going up because of the way the public sees him handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

As Shaw noted, Mitchell

fretted over likely Democratic nominee Joe Biden “having difficulty” getting his message out during the crisis and support for the President “skyrocketing.”

Turning to former Obama administration official Jim Messina, Mitchell anxiously noted: “There is politics involved. We’ve heard very little from, for instance, the more likely, most likely nominee of the Democratic Party, Joe Biden. He’s having difficulty getting – projecting through this crisis as the campaign goes totally on hold.”

Mitchell went on to say (without any apparent irony), “No matter what he says, people seem to be seeing him as a leader, at least more people do.”

[Actually, Biden has taken a couple of swings at presenting himself as a would-be leader on addressing the COVID-19 pandemic but (to be generous) he whiffed.]

Shaw added, “Is it just me, or wasn’t there once a time when even the MSNBC hosts were directed to at least pretend that they were reporting the news rather than trying to win elections for Democrats? I mean, aren’t they supposed to at least try to fool us?” And

Third, Robin Marty is a veteran pro-abortion scribe. Writing for TIME magazine a couple of days back, the headline to her story is “How Anti-Abortion Activists Are Taking Advantage of the Coronavirus Crisis.”

The gist of her argument is that pro-lifers are exploiting the pandemic “to close as many abortion clinics as possible throughout the U.S.” which represents “the biggest threat to legal abortion in America ever imagined.” 

Let’s think about this for a moment. Remember what we’re talking about is postponing all elective surgeries in the campaign to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Marty would never acknowledge that there are more genuine uses of limited medical resources than elective abortions. Her backstop is the pro-abortion-to-the-hilt ACOG which announced (along with other groups) that “Abortion is an essential component of comprehensive health care,” adding, they “do not support COVID-19 responses that cancel or delay abortion procedure.”

But who is really trying to “take advantage” of this pandemic?  Here’s what Scott Fischbach, executive director of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, said: 

“Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities continue to use much-needed medical resources for their own elective abortions rather than to help meet the needs of those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Abortion centers should follow the same rules as everyone else. We are all in this together.”

Or people like Marty. She wants to use the shortage to make the case that “tele-abortions” need to be legal everywhere. “[I]f legalized, doctors could remotely prescribe medication to be taken at home that would terminate pregnancies up to 10 weeks.” Pro-lifers describe them as “webcam abortions” (because the only exchange between abortionist and pregnant woman is over a video link), a “technique” that involves two drugs.

Marty continues, “Yet despite having a safe and effective means of ending an early pregnancy without any need to physically see a medical professional.” 

It is impossible to persuade any abortion advocate to acknowledge the number of women whose deaths are associated with the use of chemical abortifacients accessed via the video link. Or the thousands and thousands of “adverse events,” many of which are very, very serious.

As always, when pro-abortionists attack pro-lifers for our supposed intentions, it is just their way of attributing to us what they themselves are guilty of. In this, the Abortion Industry and its legion of media enablers are exploiting a tragedy which has already cost more than a thousand Americans their lives to make it easier to kill even more thousands of unborn lives.

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