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We need you as we launch a big year for the cause of life

by | Mar 20, 2020

By Leo LaLonde, President, Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL)

A LOT IS GOING TO HAPPEN in 2020. Let’s make it a lifesaving year! 

We kicked things off with the MCCL March for Life on Jan. 22. I am always thrilled to see so many of you come to make your voices heard on behalf of unborn children and their mothers. Forty-seven years after the Supreme Court imposed legalized abortion, you won’t give up. You won’t let the victims of abortion be forgotten. You won’t quit saying that every human being has human rights. 

Our pro-life work over the years has helped reduce abortions and save lives, but about 10,000 children still die in Minnesota each year because of abortion. We have a long way to go. This year, however, will have ramifications that stretch long into the future.

Court rulings will impact life 

Two court cases could have a huge impact. Here in Minnesota, a lawsuit was filed challenging nearly all of Minnesota’s pro-life laws, including our Woman’s Right to Know informed consent law and our parental notification law. These are abortion-reducing measures that are now in real jeopardy. The case could be resolved sometime this year. 

At the federal level, the Supreme Court is evaluating a Louisiana abortion law in a case that, at the very least, will affect the ability of states to enact commonsense

protections for women. Whatever the justices decide this summer, it will generate a lot of attention—especially because this is an election year.

Election stakes are huge

Speaking of which: The stakes this fall are huge. The presidential race will determine the fate of numerous pro-life policies, as well as (many think) the balance of the Supreme Court—and the future of its Roe v. Wade decision that imposed abortion. 

At the state level, legislative races will determine whether the Legislature is controlled by abortion advocates—who could repeal pro-life laws or advance extreme new legislation—or whether a pro-life majority can stop harmful measures and advance protective ones. 

MCCL will be working very hard this year. It won’t just be our usual pro-life educational programs and our legislative work at the Capitol. It will also be our election efforts: our Voter’s Guides, our candidate comparison fliers, our emails and phone calls and postcards. We need every pro-life Minnesotan to know where the candidates stand on life. And we need them to know the stakes. 

Two things you can do 

What can you do? Let me offer two simple things you can do right now at the start of 2020. First, make sure you’re a member of MCCL, and encourage family and friends to join us too. Members are the foundation of everything we do. Consider becoming a monthly donor to bolster MCCL’s efforts throughout this crucial year.

Second, get connected with MCCL to stay abreast of the latest pro-life news and upcoming MCCL events. Find our website at, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter (, and Instagram.

I believe this will be a banner year for the pro-life movement. Thanks for being part of it! 

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