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“Contagious Joy”: what a baby brings into the lives of her parents and grandparents

by | Apr 27, 2020

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

A baby serves as a cover girl for People magazine’s 2020 “Beautiful Issue.” 

Little Rani Rose’s smile is infectious as she poses with her mother, actress Kate Hudson, and grandmother, actress Goldie Hawn. 

One of the cover headlines speaks about a “legacy of joy.” Truer words were never written, for one of the best gifts one generation can give another is the secret to joy. 

And one of the purest, most contagious forms of joy is that which a baby brings into the lives of her parents and grandparents. 

When we deny a child the right to life, we are also denying joy to her mother and father, grandmother and grandfather. The family is also robbed of the beauty that a baby personifies. 

Abortion is a portrait of ugliness. It is violent and cruel—the most inhumane form of abuse. It is a sign that society has failed women and neglected to provide for their physical and psychological needs.

Abortions often arise in the darkness of fear. A woman may face a myriad of challenges—from job insecurity to relationship problems to a lack of emotional support. These are real issues deserving of real solutions.

But abortion does not solve any of these problems—it only creates more. A woman is no richer following an abortion as she was before. She is only that much poorer, because she has lost the priceless gift of a child. 

So let’s celebrate the beauty that is inherent in every child and mother. Let us redouble our efforts to reach out to women in difficult circumstances and share with them the prize of hope. And let us bestow on women a bouquet of reasons why life is a beautiful choice.  

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