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COVID-19’s Impact on the 2020 Elections

by | Apr 8, 2020

By Karen Cross. NRL Political Director

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Just as the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of all Americans, it has changed the 2020 elections. Candidates are changing the way they reach out to their constituencies; primary election dates are being pushed back; and more voters are utilizing absentee ballots in light of the social distancing required to remain safe during the pandemic. 

Most campaigns are cancelling their “in-person” campaign events and are moving to social media and on-line events. And many state party conventions will be conducted by teleconference or other “virtual” methods.


So how has COVID-19 affected the presidential election?

The Democratic National Convention, which was to be held in Milwaukee this July, has been postponed until the week of August 17 – the week before the Republican National Convention, which is scheduled for the week of August 24, in Charlotte, North CaR.

While pro-abortion former Vice President Joe Biden is the presumptive Democratic nominee, pro-abortion Independent Socialist Bernie Sanders sees a slim, but possible chance to secure the nomination. Thus, we may not know who the Democratic presidential nominee will be until late August.

On the life issue, it won’t matter which of the two is the nominee, since both Biden and Sanders support the Democratic platform of unlimited abortion through birth and using taxpayer dollars to pay for them.

In contrast, pro-life President Donald J. Trump and his Administration have established more pro-life policies than any other president in history.

For an updated downloadable presidential candidate comparison to see where the presidential candidates stand on life issues, go to:

A summary of President Trump’s record on life issues is available here:


How are primary elections being affected?

Many states have changed their primary elections. Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, West Virginia, and Wyoming have rescheduled their primary election dates due to the coronavirus.

Because Kentucky, Louisiana and New York have postponed their presidential primaries beyond the June 9 deadline set by the Democratic National Convention, they are at risk of losing half of their delegates at the nominating convention.

Several states, including Alaska, Hawaii and Wyoming, have changed to mail ballots only.

Wisconsin is going ahead with their April 7 presidential primary election. Even so, there were many changes.

The National Guard was present at polling locations. Many more voters voted absentee. In fact, absentee ballots in Wisconsin already exceed 60% of all ballots cast in their 2016 election. And, the deadline for filing an absentee ballot has been extended to April 13 – 6 days after the actual election.


How have the special elections and primary runoff elections been affected by the coronavirus?

Alabama’s primary runoffs have been postponed from March 31 to July 14. North Carolina’s runoffs have been changed from May 12 to June 23.

Of the four Congressional special election remaining, two have been changed. 

The special election in Maryland’s 7th Congressional District will continue to be held as scheduled on June 2. However, it will be by mail-in ballot only.

The special election in New York’s 27th Congressional District has been rescheduled from April 28, until June 23.

COVID-19 has presented all Americans with challenges that we must overcome, one of which is handling our right to vote and election of those who will enact laws protecting all lives.

As with all elections, turnout will be key. So, remember to vote, whether by mail ballot or in person, and remind our pro-life friends and family to do the same.

Watch for future issues of NRL News  and NRL News Today for updates and information about the 2020 elections.

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