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Human life is the most beautiful and priceless gift — Part Two

by | Apr 27, 2020

Editor’s note. Last Tuesday Scott Fischbach wrote a fine post for NRL News Today about the winners of the 2020 National Right to Life Pro-Life Essay Contest. As Scott explained, “Contestants were asked to write an essay of 500 or fewer words on the simple but fundamental question of ‘Why are you pro-life?’” 

On Friday we posted the winning essay at the Senior Level. Today we are posting the winning essay at the Junior Level. But first a summary of all the winners.

At the senior level, grades 10–12, Alexander Ahran Dunsmoor, grade 10 (Massachusetts) took first place. Malia Faith Linde, grade 10 (South Dakota) won second, and Noel Vanderbilt (Michigan) won third.

At the junior level, grades 7–9,  Karina Marie Novotny, grade 7 (South Dakota) won first place, Evelyn L. Williams (Minnesota) won second, while Logan Mulder (South Dakota ) and  Hope White (Kansas) tied for  third.

First Place Winner at the Junior Level

Why Am I Pro-Life?

By Karina Marie Novotny of South Dakota
Grade 7

Why am I pro-life? Grayson! My pro-life beliefs intensified two years ago when a family friend became pregnant before she was prepared to be a parent. Our family felt called to pursue adoption and encourage the birth family to choose life. Experiencing the love for this unborn baby and his birth family led me to become involved with the local right to life group, sparking my desire to protect the unborn. 

Believing abortion was their only option, Grayson’s birth parents made an appointment for this procedure as our family prayed for the option of adoption. Our prayers were answered on Good Friday 2018, when we received a phone call from Grayson’s mother saying she couldn’t go through with the abortion knowing she could give him a chance at a good life with us. I got the most blessed birthday present ever when Grayson was born 3 days before my 12th birthday.

My parents encouraged me to learn about adoption, abortion, and human life. I watched the movie “Allison’s Choice” which depicted God’s presence and love for expectant mothers and their unborn children even in an abortion facility. I attended a showing of  “Unplanned” which showed me the sickening truth of abortion and the magnitude of the issue facing our country. “Unplanned” also showed me how one person can speak out and save lives through compassionate education & love. 

I was immediately filled with a desire to help families (birth and adoptive) experience the joy of adoption. I believe helping more families pursue adoption will decrease the number of abortions and potentially connect birth mothers to a positive encouraging adoptive family permanently. Through a tomato fundraiser from my garden I was able to create a grant valued at over $200 to help the next local family pursue adoption. This fundraiser helped me communicate my pro-life beliefs to my family, friends, teachers, community, and state as I marketed my tomato fundraiser. 

It was an honor to be invited to speak at the 2019 South Dakota State Right to Life convention about my family’s adoption experience, my pro-life beliefs, and present my grant to the local Hot Springs Right to Life chapter. Earlier I won a local pageant title promoting a pro­-life adoption advocacy platform. In May 2020 I advance to the Miss South Dakota Outstanding Teen pageant where I will be able to promote my adoption advocacy platform to a large crowd of diverse people from across my state. 

My pro-life journey has taught me that one birth mother’s selfless choice to give her baby a good life can spread love throughout a whole state and beyond! Grayson is a unique little boy who has filled our home with laughter and inspired me to do everything I can to help others to choose life. I am committed to sharing the lessons I have learned about protecting the unborn and honoring my baby brother through my efforts to help birth and adoptive families.

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