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Human life is the most beautiful and priceless gift

by | Apr 24, 2020

Editor’s note. On Tuesday Scott Fischbach wrote a fine post for NRL News Today about the winners of the 2020 National Right to Life Pro-Life Essay Contest. As Scott explained, “Contestants were asked to write an essay of 500 or fewer words on the simple but fundamental question of ‘Why are you pro-life?’” 

Today we will post the winning essay at the Senior Level. On Monday we will post the winning essay at the Junior Level. But first a summary of all the winners.

At the senior level, grades 10–12, Alexander Ahran Dunsmoor, grade 10 (Massachusetts) took first place. Malia Faith Linde, grade 10 (South Dakota) won second, and Noel Vanderbilt (Michigan) won third.

At the junior level, grades 7–9,  Karina Marie Novotny, grade 7 (South Dakota) won first place, Evelyn L. Williams (Minnesota) won second, while Logan Mulder (South Dakota ) and  Hope White (Kansas) tied for  third.

First Place Winner at the Senior Level

Why I Am Pro-Life

By Alexander Ahran Dunsmoor 

Life is a gift like no other. Earthly gifts are given,and eventually lose their value. The gift of life never loses value. From the moment of conception to our last heartbeat, human life is the most beautiful and priceless gift that should be treasured and admired by all people. 

From the moment of conception, a human being, filled with endless potential, is created. Each one of the sixty-two million innocents in the United States murdered since the implementation of Roe v. Wade had their own unique potential cut short tragically. Each lost child would have blessed the world with their wondrous gifts in forever unknown ways. Our society is dehumanizing human beings in the womb to rationalize abortion and portray it as a human right. Abortion is not a human right. The right to life is a human right. 

How is it that if you kill someone outside of the womb it is murder, but when that person is a baby inside of a womb, suddenly it is fine? I am pro-life because I believe murder is murder and that each child deserves a chance to flourish. Many mothers are often pressured into abortions and pushed to believe abortion is their best option. If a mother is not able to properly take care of a child, there are other choices that are not abortion. I am pro- life because I believe through our awareness, guidance, and compassion, a mother contemplating abortion might have a change of heart.

The Latin translation of fetus is “little one.” Within one month after conception, the little child’s blood circulates, the heart starts to pump, and a face starts to take form. Just two months after conception, the child already is forming arms and legs. The fetus carries many of the same characteristics as you and I. However, a fetus is not able to defend herself. A fetus lacks the ability to speak out or protect himself from outside attacks and pains. It is our duty to speak up for the mute and the helpless. I am pro-life because no human should suffer due to a lack of strength or protection.

Imagine yourself inside a small area. You have no say, no voice, no defense. Your life depends on another person holding a switch that determines your future. Imagine them choosing to end your life. Imagine the fear and pain you would feel. You have to accept this in silence. No one to comfort you. No one to protect you. 

Mother Teresa once said, “Abortion kills twice. It kills the body of the baby and it kills the conscience of the mother.” Abortion is in fact only a fifteen-minute procedure. However, it is a fifteen-minute procedure that you have the rest of your life to regret. I am pro-life because I believe every human being, no matter the gender, age, religion, or race, should be treated with the respect and dignity that every human deserves.

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