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Our Doors Are Open. Our pro-life work doesn’t stop because we are navigating a pandemic

by | Apr 27, 2020

By Heather Weininger, Executive Director, Wisconsin Right to Life

Last week on my way to Milwaukee, I drove by the Planned Parenthood in Sheboygan. As many people are aware, this location performs abortions. Sadly, their doors are open. As I pulled in, I saw a woman exit the building, small bag in hand. Quickly she got into her car and headed out of the parking lot. 

My heart sank. I sat in my car for a moment, wondering. Wondering if I had gotten there just a few minutes earlier, could I have met her with a message of hope? 

I glanced over to the sidewalk and I saw a couple standing on the sidewalk, praying. I opened my window and thanked them for being there and for continuing to pray for all those who believe there is only one option.

As I continued on to the office, I had a great deal of time to reflect on all that is happening. The work we do, our perseverance especially in these uncertain times, makes all the difference between a woman who sees abortion as her only option, or a woman who sees our message that there is hope and help available for her and her unborn child. 

This is why our “doors” have stayed open and our staff is working each day to protect the most vulnerable. We know we are on the frontlines, offering help to both mom and baby. 

Thankfully, our technology allows us to reach women not only in an abortion clinic, but also when they go home. College students might not be on campus right now, but they are still receiving affirmative messages from Wisconsin Right to Life that they can go to college and have a baby. 

Our work doesn’t stop because we are navigating a pandemic. On the contrary, it has allowed all of us who believe in the sanctity of life to just see how important and necessary our work is. 

We might have pivoted from our “business as usual” way of sharing with teens, our Life on Campus groups and even our chapters, but the truth is Wisconsin Right to Life was positioned well for these changes. 

As leaders in using the most advanced technology, we are having meetings and training from home. We are even going forward with our largest fundraiser of the year, our Education Fund Dinner and Auction. Yes, it’s virtual this year, but the show will go on. 

In order to ensure that lives continue to be protected in Wisconsin, we are bringing the event—and special speaker, Sean Spicer—right to you, in the comfort of your own home. 

Register today – we know we could all use something this positive and critical on our social calendars!

Join me, and many others, on Thursday, May 14, with the live stream event starting at 6:30 PM. 

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