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Sixth Circuit denies Ohio AG’s appeal, allow abortion clinics to continue surgical abortions

by | Apr 6, 2020

COLUMBUS, Ohio—The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals today declined Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost’s appeal to reverse a Temporary Restraining Order issued by Judge Michael Barrett. Judge Barrett’s TRO allowed abortion facilities in Ohio to continue performing surgical abortions despite an order by the Ohio Department of Health that all non-essential surgical procedures cease in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Attorney General Yost had asked the Court to overturn Judge Barrett’s order, arguing that non-essential abortions should cease in order to preserve PPEs.

“We are grateful to Attorney General Dave Yost for his continued leadership in holding the abortion industry accountable and we are hopeful that he will continue to do so in light of this ruling,” said Stephanie Ranade Krider, vice president of Ohio Right to Life. “While all Ohioans are being asked to make sacrifices in order to preserve innocent lives, the larger medical community is sacrificing the most: not only their time, but their equipment, their private practices, and potentially their own lives. The abortion industry ought not interpret this as a loophole to continue ending innocent lives, push abortion on demand, and proceed with business as usual.”

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