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SPUC seeks legal recourse as government extends DIY at home abortion due to Coronavirus crisis

by | Apr 13, 2020

By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

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The Government is facing the prospect of a courtroom challenge after a policy U-turn which will allow women to carry out DIY abortions at home in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. John Deighan, SPUC Deputy Chief Executive said: “In light of the confirmation that the Government has changed the policy on abortion to allow both abortion pills to be used at home, SPUC has instructed its legal team to examine the new proposals with a view to instigating judicial review proceedings against the policy.”

The Government proposal will permit women to take the required two abortion pills at home which SPUC believes to be a breach of the existing legislation.

Mr. Deighan said: “It is our understanding that such a policy is beyond the scope of the Abortion Act. However, we will closely examine the policy and take appropriate action based on the best legal advice.”

“A shambolic and rudderless Government

A debate on the issue peaked on March 23rd regarding the use of abortion pills at home.

For several hours there existed a formal policy that legalised ‘DIY’ abortions. An official letter, published on the Department of Health website, and signed by Mark Davies, Director, Population Health, classed the home of a doctor as a place where abortion could be prescribed and the home of the woman as the place where the abortion could take place.

Later that evening the document on the Department of Health website was removed, with the website stating that the announcement was “published in error, there will be no changes to abortion regulations.”

The Health Secretary was clear when telling Parliament that there would be no change in the law in this area and the dangers to women were strongly expressed in the House of Lords.

Pro-abortion groups reacted angrily and have been clamoring for the policy to be re-instated, which the Health Secretary has now caved in and agreed to.

On March 30th, a Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson announced that guidance had been updated and women would be permitted to use abortion pills at home without visiting a clinic.

Mr. Deighan continued: “What we are witnessing is a shambolic and rudderless Government which has made no less than three contradictory statements in a matter of days.

“Let it be crystal clear: any medical professional must act in compliance of the law. SPUC is therefore contesting home abortion pill use which heightens physical and psychological dangers for women, and as trivialising the taking of human life by abortion.

“It is unbecoming of the pro-abortion groups to take advantage of our current crisis to pressure the government and threaten further strain on our NHS resources. The evidence that abortion pills raise the level of complications for women is clear. Our health service does not need the pressure of dealing with emergencies arising from women self-aborting at home.”

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