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Tell Kansas Gov. Kelly Abortion is NOT Essential Healthcare!

by | Apr 15, 2020

Despite sweeping government orders for residents to stay home, close businesses and stop elective medical procedures in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the abortion industry continues to disregard mothers, babies and general public health. Gov. Kelly confirmed her support for the industry’s practices at a press conference on April 1.

In a recent interview with, Wichita’s so-called “Trust Women” abortion clinic’s CEO confirmed that all 13 of the abortionists who rotate through her Wichita and Oklahoma City facilities travel from out-of-state. In fact, recent reports show that the abortion clinic in Wichita may have exposed individuals at their facility to the Coronavirus thanks to a California abortionist’s visit. “Trust Women” is also encouraging women from around and outside of Kansas to travel to Wichita for abortions.

The abortion industry also appears to not care about the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) that medical facilities are experiencing as a result of the pandemic. The “Trust Women” abortion clinic is not only using PPE to end lives, they also recently caused additional use of PPE, facilities and personnel at a Wichita hospital. An ambulance picked up an individual from Trust Women on Palm Sunday when the clinic was open and performing abortions. Medical personnel had to take time and resources away from fighting the virus to help this woman, who apparently suffered complications from an elective procedure that should not have been allowed to take place. Not to mention the multiplied potential for virus-transmitting public interaction to vital medical personnel.

Governor Kelly has the ability to block our state’s abortion industry from conducting “business as usual” during these uncertain times. If schools and churches are not considered “necessary,” neither should the extreme practices of the abortion industry.

Sign our petition to Gov. Kelly calling for the Wichita abortion clinic to stop operations during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


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