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“The Silent Scream” and “Unplanned” expose the truth about abortion

by | Apr 20, 2020

By Nancy Valko

In 1985, I was asked to show the new film “The Silent Scream” (still online) at a local community college for the students. I was anxious to show this amazing 30 minute film, showing an actual abortion on ultrasound, and narrated by the late Dr. Bernard Nathanson. Dr. Nathanson was  a former abortionist who co-founded the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws (NARAL) in 1969.

Dr. Nathanson later deeply regretted his actions. He earned the enmity of the abortion movement by exposing the “deceptions, dirty tricks, and other tactics that helped make abortion legal and socially acceptable in the United States.”

His “The Silent Scream” film was his effort to get the truth about abortion to the nation, and it caused a lot of controversy.

When I showed the film at the community college, I was seven months pregnant and had a bumper sticker that said “Every child deserves a birthday.” My mother supported my pro-life work but was worried about my speaking publicly. “Someone may try to shoot you!” she warned.

I just laughed at the time but when I got to the college I saw an armed guard also attending. He said he was there because there were death threats about showing this film. Although nothing happened and the students were very receptive to the film’s message, I was a bit shaken but hopeful that this film would help end the abortion nightmare.

35 years later, the battle to end abortion continues.

I thought of Dr. Nathanson’s  film when I was finally able to see the 2019 movie “Unplanned. Like “The Silent Scream,” it also caused tremendous controversy. Some theaters refused to show it and many film critics panned it but the movie was a surprising success at the box office.

“Unplanned” is a great sequel to “The Silent Scream” because it depicts the true story of Abby Johnson, an ambitious young woman who became the director of an abortion clinic and thought she was helping women.

Abby slowly and painfully finally learns the truth about both medical and surgical abortions and the real effects on women–including herself. The effect is both eye-opening and heartbreaking. Abby Johnson now helps other abortion clinic workers like herself as well as the public to see the truth about the enormous damage abortion causes.

Although “Unplanned” is no longer in theaters, it is available for purchase or online streaming on TV and well worth seeing and sharing with others.

Thank you, Dr. Nathanson and Abby Johnson  for your courage in sharing your stories. We will never know how many born and unborn lives you have saved!

Editor’s note. This appeared on Nancy’s blog and is reposted with permission.

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