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To Planned Parenthood, a pandemic is just another opportunity to expand abortion-on-demand—even if it is at the expense of women’s lives

by | Apr 23, 2020

By Laura Echevarria, NRLC Director of Communications and Press Secretary

Laura Echevarria

The Planned Parenthood ads pop up during the day on the news sites I am visiting. At night they show up on shopping pages or research sites I am perusing. But wading through this ocean of ad is a necessary evil.

I was doing research on Planned Parenthood and their diligent and never-ending efforts to use telemedicine for the services they offer—including chemical abortions—or as they love to call them, “medication abortions.” (Maybe this harkens back to the old canard that abortion is “as easy as taking an aspirin.”) Unfortunately, I had to visit several of their affiliate websites. With Planned Parenthood’s massive advertising budget, even after a week research, the ads continue to multiple like a virus.

But that’s what Planned Parenthood does best—push. They push for abortion anywhere at any time. They push abortion on unsuspecting women who likely don’t realize that “resolving” their crisis (talk about flying under false colors) is a money maker for Planned Parenthood whose annual revenues already exceed $1.6 billion. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen Planned Parenthood ignore orders by concerned governors to cease non-essential services such as abortion. Moreover, taking the cynical advice of Rahm Emanuel to “never allow a crisis to go to waste,” they and their Democrat supporters in Congress are demanding that the FDA’s  protective restrictions on abortions drugs such as mifepristone be lifted during the coronavirus pandemic (and, of course, never to be reinstituted afterwards). During the pandemic, we are seeing an increase in telemedicine for everyday health concerns, such as check-ups or follow-up care with chronic illnesses but only Planned Parenthood and their supporters are demanding abortions using telemedicine or by mail-order. Their dream scenario is DIY abortions at home.

This would possibly place women in situations where, because of hemorrhaging or extreme pain, they find themselves in the emergency room of a hospital. The FDA has a record of nearly two dozen deaths and thousands of complications (“adverse events”) associated with the use of the dangerous pills used in a chemical abortion. (And these figures are several years out of date.) 

These adverse events include serious infections, severe hemorrhage, and the rupture of previously undiscovered ectopic pregnancies. The real possibility of a woman experiencing any of these adverse events means that she may have to visit the emergency room because of hemorrhaging, severe pain, an incomplete abortion, or a ruptured ectopic pregnancy.

In a time when it is dangerous to be immuno-suppressed or to visit an emergency room, Planned Parenthood wants to offer chemical abortions by video—leaving women to potentially suffer serious side effects alone or needing emergency care. This when hospital staff are over-extended and personal protection equipment—protecting both patients and staff from COVID-19—is hard to come by.

But this is Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry we are taking about. For them, a crisis is just another opportunity to expand abortion-on-demand—even if it is at the expense of women’s lives. 

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