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A sympathetic supporter concedes Joe Biden’s Performance ‘Very Unsatisfying,’ Even in ‘Softball Interviews’

by | May 11, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

It was pure coincidence that I read these two posts back-to-back but they both reinforce the conclusion that pro-abortion former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign is on very shaky grounds.

The first is hardly definitive—it’s suggestive–but fascinating. Axios, hardly a site sympathetic to Donald Trump, wrote about how “The world’s most popular betting destinations show Trump as the clear favorite” with “Biden the unequivocal underdog.”

The second post comes courtesy of Breitbart’s Joshua Caplan who provided a partial transcript of an interview that took place today with MNSBC and CNBC founder Tom Rogers on “Morning Joe.” The most important takeaway is that Rogers worries that Biden is not “ready for a prime-time election season” against President Donald Trump. 

Here are a few selections []:

* “A candidate needs to be able to articulate a clear and convincing message” –a “compelling narrative-“–which Biden has not.

*“His performances have been very unsatisfying and, basically, he’s been getting softball interviews, with the exception of yours, Mika [Brzezinski], on the sexual harassment issue. He’s had perfect opportunity to be able to articulate that message, and I think the campaign really needs to figure out how to make sure that he is really in a position to discuss the — what will be the defining issue of this election in a much more compelling way than he’s been able to do it to date.”

*Brzezinski asked Rogers about his “biggest issue” with Biden. “Is it [how he would perform in] a debate situation?”

Rogers concedes that Biden’s performance in “one-on-one interviews that have been for the most part very friendly and softball type interviews” have not shown Biden in the best light. And “[W]hen you listen to him on the pandemic, it’s a lot of disconnected phrases, it doesn’t really come together in a very convincing message.” 

Rogers goes on to warn, “But when it comes to social media and television and he’s primetime in the spotlight in the campaign, that articulation is gonna have to be much clearer than it has been, and I really fear a crisis for the candidate if he cannot come up with a more convincing way and a more eloquent way to put out there exactly what the critique of Trump is during this crisis. It’s a problem.”

One other quote. Rogers acknowledges that it hasn’t “come together” for Biden yet “in the way he’s gonna need to be primetime. And it plays into the Trump critique that he’s been around too long, that he’s confused, that he’s old.”

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