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Bill introduced in British parliament to end abortion until birth for babies with minor disabilities

by | May 26, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

The British newspaper, The Sun, is reporting that members across parties in Parliament “have joined forces to bring forward a Bill to end late terminations on the grounds the unborn child has a club foot, cleft lip or palate.”

Assistant Editor David Wooding writes, “All these minor abnormalities can be easily corrected after birth but hundreds of mothers have had abortions after they showed up in scans after the 24-week legal limit.”

Taking the point on this important legislation is “Tory MP Fiona Bruce, whose son was born with a club foot which was corrected by surgery and physiotherapy,” Wooding writes, “Her Bill, which will get its first reading in Parliament on June 3, has already won the support of 12 MPs from the three largest parties. If it becomes law, the conditions will cease to be sole grounds for termination up to birth.”

Wooding noted, “All three conditions [club foot, cleft lip or palate] can be corrected by surgery and non-surgical therapy for clubfoot is now successful in 98 per cent of cases, often achieved in as little as 16 days.”

MP Fiona Bruce said

“The Bill will clarify that cleft lip, cleft palate and club foot are not grounds for abortion. This is a sensible law change that I am inviting all MPs, regardless of where they stand on the wider issue of abortion, to get behind and support.

“It’s now been 30 years since Parliament last properly reviewed our law on abortion for disability in 1990. It’s time our legislation caught up to reflect society’s positive change in attitudes towards those born with disabilities, and medical advances in the intervening years.

“My older son was born with a club foot. He had physiotherapy every day for the first year of his life and had two operations, but now no one would ever know, apart from the most experienced clinician in this field. So I know how such a condition can be corrected. It is hard to think that such a treatable disability could have deprived my son of life, which, now in his mid-20s, he lives to the full.

“Being born with this condition has not held him back – rather the opposite. I think it has given him a depth of understanding about the value of every human life.

“I am leading a cross-party group of MPs to bring this Bill forward because every child with one of these conditions deserves the same chance of life as my son. I also want to ensure that no parent has to go through any pressure to abort their baby for what is clearly a correctable condition.”

Catherine Robinson, a spokesperson for Right To Life UK, said

“As a society, we should be empowering those with disabilities, and take great pride in the positive contribution they make to our country. To do this, we have a moral obligation to quash anything that perpetuates false and negative stereotypes towards those with a disability, and that is why we support the group of cross-party MPs who have brought forward this important Bill to help end disability-discrimination in the womb.

“People are shocked and horrified when they discover that abortion is permitted up to birth after the diagnosis of cleft lip, cleft palate, and clubfoot as the primary condition, believing it goes against the very fabric of what our country stands for today.

“Our abortion legislation is badly in need of reform to end this unjust discrimination, and we hope this Bill is successful in helping end this disability-discrimination.”

Quoting official government statistics, NRL News Today wrote last week“ In 2018, there were 205,295 babies aborted in England and Wales. Of those, 3,269 were performed under the notorious ‘Ground E,’ which allows abortion without age limit on babies prenatally diagnosed with fetal anomalies.’”

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