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Good News in 2020 Special Elections!

by | May 17, 2020

While COVID-19 is foremost in the news, National Right to Life is continuing our lifesaving work. National Right to Life weighed in on three special elections in 2020.

On May 12, National Right to Life-endorsed candidates Mike Garcia (CA 25) and Tom Tiffany (WI 7) won their special elections against pro-abortion Democrat opponents. On June 23, in New York’s 27th Congressional District special election, National Right to Life endorsed Chris Jacobs (R), who is running against pro-abortion Democrat Nate McMurray.

All three contests are classic pro-life vs. pro-abortion elections.

In each race, National Right to Life supported the pro-life Republican who faced a pro-abortion Democrat.

In each race, the pro-life Republican opposes abortion on demand and opposes taxpayer funding of abortion.

In each race, the pro-abortion Democrat supports a policy of abortion on demand.

We’re on a roll!

In 2019, there were three special elections in which the pro-life candidate endorsed by National Right to Life won. Pro-life Republican Congressmen Dan Bishop (NV 9), Greg Murphy (NC 3), and Fred Keller (PA 12) soundly defeated their pro-abortion opponents in special elections.

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