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Indian woman dies from overdose of “pregnancy termination pills”

by | May 12, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

Every so often, as we inundated with calls for DIY [chemically-induced] abortions performed at home, it’s crucial that we remember that women have—and continue—to die when they use this “technique.” And that is independent of the thousands of women who have suffered what are euphemistically described as “adverse events.”

A story from India reminds of this very real danger. 

The Mumbai Mirror reported this morning that a 32-woman has died and that six people, including her husband and their family doctor, have been booked in connection with the death of the unnamed woman who was six-weeks-pregnant when she consumed unspecified “abortion pills.” 

The medical examiner said she had “lost a lot of blood.” The autopsy reports and “prima facie investigation” indicted “that the woman died due to an overdose of pregnancy termination pills.”

According to Somendranath Sharma, police have begun an investigation into the woman’s May 2 death, “although no arrests have been made so far.” The woman was also the mother to an 18-month-old girl.

The story consists largely of what police told Sharma. It was a sad, sad story.

A police officer told the Mumbai Mirror that late last month the doctor gave a prescription to the husband, knowing the abortion would take place at home.

She took the pills May 1-May 2. A police officer told Sharma, “Next morning she started witnessing blood loss from her private part and was in pain after which the doctor advised [the] family to give her a pain killer proscribed by him.” 

A “few hours later, the woman succumbed,” the officer said.

Senior Inspector Sanjay Hazare told Sharma, “We have registered a FIR [First Information Report] against six people, including her husband, in-laws, family doctor, and her husband’s friend.”

In a frightening note, Inspector Hazare added, “The family assumed that the pregnancy would get terminated by consuming  pills, but the health of the woman kept deteriorating.” 

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