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Ohio House passes bill to make low-interest loans available to adoptive families to help alleviate costs

by | May 13, 2020

COLUMBUS, Ohio– Today, House Bill 405, The Family Forward Initiative, passed out of the Ohio House 94-0. This legislation, spearheaded by Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague and sponsored by Representative Jon Cross, would make low-interest loans available to adoptive families to help alleviate the costs associated with adoption. The measure now moves onto the Ohio Senate.

“Ohio Right to Life is excited that the Family Forward Initiative is now one step closer to becoming Ohio law,” says Stephanie Ranade Krider, Vice President of Ohio Right to Life. “We have been honored to partner with two great pro-life officeholders, State Treasurer Sprague and Representative Cross, to move this strong, pro-life and pro-family piece of legislation forward. The Family Forward initiative will help break down one of the largest barriers standing in the way of Ohio’s families pursuing adoption- cost.”

The Family Forward Initiative was introduced in the Ohio House in November of last year and passed out of the House State and Local Government Committee in February. 

“Ohio Right to Life is proud to stand behind this initiative that will help grow more Ohio families through the beautiful process of adoption,” says Krider. “We are thankful for strong pro-life leaders and a General Assembly whose commitment to life will help open the doors to adoption for countless Ohio families.”

Ohio Right to Life, Krider added, “will continue to work with State Treasurer Sprague and Representative Cross to ensure this legislation is passed and signed into law.”

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