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Over one thousand people take part in SPUC Pro-Life Prayer Chain

by | May 1, 2020

By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

Rhoslyn Aguirre Ramirez, with Michaela-Maria (nearly 10 months), and her mother, Janet Thomas, in the front garden of their home in Dinas Powys, South Wales.

On Monday, over one thousand pro-lifers around the UK came together in a national act of private witness as they took part in SPUC’s Pro-Life Prayer Chain to remember the 9 million lives lost to abortion in Britain, and pray for an end to abortion.

“A big thank you to everyone who took part in SPUC’s Prayer Chain”, said Antonia Tully, SPUC Director of Campaigns. “We couldn’t get out onto the street to be a witness to the nine million babies killed in the last 52 years. But we didn’t forget these babies.”

 “At a time when we are in isolation due to Coronavirus, SPUC came together in a wonderful act of unity to pray for the cause so close to our hearts.”

The SPUC Pro-Life Prayer Chain replaced the annual outdoor roadside witness, which commemorates the lives of unborn babies killed by abortion since the implementation of the Abortion Act on April 27, 1968.

SPUC invited people around the UK to commit themselves to SPUC’s Pro-Life Prayer Chain from the safety of their homes to pray for an end to abortion.

Praying for a sea change 

Antonia Tully continued: “The prayers of over a thousand pro-lifers will help to bring about a sea change in society’s view of the value of life. There were also prayers that all those fighting to bring an end to abortion and its culture of death will be given strength to carry on.”

As one prayer read:

We pray for strength, discernment, empowerment and strategies to enlighten people to the true value of life. We pray that you would meet with everyone and bring the tragic reality of each and every abortion to mind. We pray for a sea change in people’s perceptions of the value of life, that every human being would be deeply valued irrespective of race, creed, religion.Amen.

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