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Pro-life opportunities still available in Virginia this month and this summer!

by | May 15, 2020

By Olivia Gans Turner, President

Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL) Believe it or not the month of May is halfway over already.  We celebrated all mothers last Sunday and now we are turning attention to end of the school year activities for our young people.

Pro-life Playwright Makes Play Available to Support Pro-life Groups During Pandemic

There is still time to stream the moving play “Viable” in your own home for a small fee which will help support the work of NRLC and VSHL at this critical time.  This opportunity is only available for a few more weeks.  To participate in this project click: RENT “VIABLE”

VSHL Oratory Contest has gone “Virtual”

The Alex and Geline Williams Oratory Contest deadline is May 27th. Prizes will be awarded and the winner will present his or her speech by video to the judges for National Right to Life Jane B. Thompson Oratory Contest. This is a great opportunity for high school juniors or seniors who are interested in using their talents on behalf of the right to life.

Students interested in entering need to send their entry paperwork to the Oratory Contest Coordinator, Mrs. Laura Echevarria at  A video submission of the speech must be submitted by midnight of May 27th using a transfer site like

Please contact Mrs. Echevarria if you have any questions. Entry paperwork and rules can be found on the VSHL website: ORATORY CONTEST DETAILS

Camp Joshua news and update

As of this message we do not yet know what the phase of opening will look like in Virginia by the late summer.  VSHL has decided to continue with plans to hold Camp as in years before. Camp is scheduled for July 31, August 1-2 in Staunton, VA.  At this point the camp is working with us to plan to meet safety standards as they are required. The camp facilities are flexible enough and easily adapted for those teens who attend.

Registrations are open and of course VSHL will be prepared to change plans as the state rules change.  If Camp must be canceled due to COVID-19 rules, all registration fees will be returned.  Click here for details for details.

Sign and Forward the Pro-Life Petition

Please take a few minutes today to forward the petition below to one or more pro-life friends or family members.  We need to stop the pro-abortion attempts to permanently add a right to abortion to the Virginia Constitution.


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