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The story of pro-abortion Joe Biden just gets curiouser and curiouser

by | May 4, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

For this week’s initial you can’t make this stuff up story, last Friday the New York Times suggested the Democratic National Committee investigate charges brought by a woman against pro-abortion presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden. Not the Times, mind you, or an illustrious list of media outlets or investigative reporters. The DNC is supposed to investigate its own candidate!

It was so transparently stupid—and would imply there is substance to what Tara Reade alleges—that the DNC chair, the tone-deaf Tom Perez, “brushed” the suggestion off. “Barack Obama trusted Joe Biden,” Perez said, adding, “I trust Joe Biden.”

If the weight of that “shoe” was like a loafer, the other “shoe” dropped over the weekend by New York Times opinion writer Elizabeth Bruenig more resembled an Army surplus boot.

Without ever spelling out what “Plan B,” should be, or judging the truth of Reade’s allegations, Bruenig concluded (a) “What I can assert with firm conviction is that Democrats ought to start considering a backup plan for 2020” and (more specifically), “To preserve the strides made on behalf of victims of sexual assault in the era of #MeToo, and to maximize their chances in November, Democrats need to begin formulating an alternative strategy for 2020 — one that does not include Mr. Biden.”

Of course, like everything else, there is the context. Regarding the former vice president’s enforced quarantine, Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw wrote, “The few live interviews he’s done recently have ranged from being mild and uninteresting to downright alarming when his mind appears to wander, he stumbles over his words and careens from one topic to another.”

Stay tuned. This just gets curiouser and curiouser.

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