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Thoughts on the upcoming National Day of Prayer

by | May 5, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you’re doing the impossible.”– Francis of Assisi

Thank you to all the right to lifers around the country who have posted reminders that this coming Thursday is a very, very important day, the National Day of Prayer.

While there are many people who are motivated by other reasons, our Movement’s ranks are filled with believers. These are women and men who put their faith into action in many venues but most particularly in the defense of unborn children, children born with disabilities, and the medical vulnerable.

For believers, prayer is as essential to sustaining us spiritually as breath is physically.

This National Day of Prayer is different for all the obvious reasons—first and foremost COVID-19 —and more subtle reasons—an upcoming election in which pro-abortion Democrats will run a candidate whose allegiance to fulfilling the wish list of the Abortion Industry is a matter of secular orthodoxy.

We pray for our nation as we fight a pandemic that has already claimed 70,000 lives and battle an adversary eager to use this worldwide tragedy to advance their anti-life agenda.

That having been said, none of us who are believers are under any illusion who our ultimate enemy is, nor do any of us believe we will win this most just of causes in our own power alone. If we are going to be His instruments, we must seek His face for strength, guidance, and reassurance.

The inability to protect the littlest Americans has costs beyond the frightening number of dead babies (more than 61 million) and untold millions of women scarred by their decisions. Decades ago we understood that once the death ethos came for “them”–the powerless unborn–it would be a dress rehearsal for a wider attack. The next categories of victims would be babies born with disabilities and the vulnerable elderly, each of whom would be “better off dead.”

Each of us has our own individual take but I strongly suspect most pro-lifers’ are akin to mine: that I would be a lesser man–and a far lesser Christian–if I stood idly by, if I refused to see that my obligation is to do everything I can to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Mother Teresa once said, “God doesn’t require us to succeed, he only requires that you try.” I have thought about that on many occasions.

In our case, I believe our trying will result in success—not in a selfish sense of personal gain but in attaining the magnanimous objective of returning legal protection to unborn children. Could there possibly be a more just cause?

To return to where I began, thank you to all those pro-lifers who are reminding us of the critical significance of praying for each mother in a crisis pregnancy, for each child whose life hangs in the balance.

Pray that she finds a helping hand and the courage to face down her own fears and the discouraging counsel of others. Pray that she recalls that she is carrying one of His creations–and that He loves both her and her unborn child more than she could possibly know.

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