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While abortion is essentially legal on demand in England, authorities in rural Southwest England are on the lookout for youths who caused the deaths of a “heavily” pregnant cow and her calf.

by | May 19, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

According to official statistics, in 2018, there were 205,295 babies aborted in England and Wales. Of those, 3,269 were performed under the notorious “Ground E,” which allows abortion without age limit on babies prenatally diagnosed with “fetal anomalies”

As NRL News Today has written on many occasions, a cleft palate can, and has, been used as a justification.

The East Devon News reported Monday that authorities are on the lookout for “youths” and a dog after a “heavily pregnant cow and her unborn calf” died after being chased in rural East Devon.

We read, “This is an Offence under the Protection of Livestock Act 1953 under the term ‘worrying livestock’.” That includes chasing that result in “abortion or loss or reduction in the number of offspring.”

What about protections for pregnant women who are attacked? Micaiah Bilger quoted from a story written by the BBC’s Kat Collins about a case in which a would-be rapper beat his 7-month pregnant girlfriend “because her phone was switched off.”  She lost her baby but her boyfriend escaped prosecution. 

His lawyer, Alison Mafham, told Collins, “Whatever moral standpoint you take, in the eyes of the law an unborn child is not a person, so you can’t be charged with murdering an unborn child and you can’t be charged with assaulting an unborn child.” 

Mafham added,  “The prosecution has to prove not only have you killed a child, capable of being born alive, but you intended to kill it – so you wanted that unborn child dead – and that’s quite a hard thing to prove.”

Were that logic applied to the adolescents chasing the pregnant cow, the prosecution presumably would have to prove they intended to cause the deaths of the mother and her calf. Nothing in the two stories I read about this and another incident.

Rather, “Should anyone witness such incidents please report on 999 at the time of it happening.”

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