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Younger voters not keen on pro-abortion Joe Biden

by | May 5, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

Let’s be clear. A study from the ultra-liberal Institute of Politics at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government does not paint a portrait of large numbers of young people saying they approve of President Trump. But that’s not the objective of the survey.

Rather the entire point, judging by the “analysis,” is to persuade the reader that support for pro-abortion Joe Biden among young voters [18-29] is “comparable” to what Sen. Bernie Sanders would enjoy if he were “at the top of the Democrat Ticket.”

This is, obviously, key. Biden will need a healthy turnout among young people if he is to defeat President Trump.

But if you actually look at the questions, the crosstabs, and the Top Lines, as opposed to all the puff interpreting what the poll supposedly says, you find that Biden’s approval numbers are underwhelming as is enthusiasm for the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee.

So, to the basic “Do you have a favorable or unfavorable view” question, you would never guess that Biden is barely ahead. Writing at Fox News, Justin Haskins observes

Although the percentage of young people who said they have an unfavorable view of President Trump was much higher (63 percent), the percent who said they have a favorable opinion of Trump was only four percentage points lower (30 percent) than Biden’s. And, quite interestingly, more young people said they have a “very favorable” view of Trump, 14 percent [than Biden at eight percent].

What about if they were given options—say, voting for a third party Independent candidate? According to Haskins

Even worse for Biden, when asked if they would rather vote for Trump, Biden or an independent candidate in 2020, only 39 percent said they would choose Biden. One-quarter chose Trump, and a whopping 16 percent said they would rather pick an independent.

Again, the point is not to misrepresent what young people said, as one could readily argue the Institute of Politics at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government did. It is to note that former Vice President Biden is not exciting younger voters at all, and that could spell disaster for him come November 3.

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