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Joe Biden: One Year after his flip-flop on the Hyde Amendment

by | Jun 10, 2020

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As we wrote at NRL News Today, Saturday marked the one-year anniversary of one of the most revealing flip-flops in ages. In the space of a single day, pro-abortion former vice president Joe Biden, the Democrats’ by default presidential candidate, first affirmed his long-time support for the Hyde Amendment and then beat a hasty retreat.

Biden, multiple times an awful presidential candidate, apparently still hadn’t grasped that his party’s new orthodoxy is a bright green light on abortion on demand through all 40 weeks and a flashing yellow light (for now) on infanticide. So, suddenly his support for the Hyde Amendment, credited with saving over two million lives, was expendable– as will be the lives of the next two million babies whose deaths would be financed by the taxpayer.

As I re-read the gobbledygook that passed for an explanation of his somersault, I was reminded that fluency has never been Biden’s calling card. I remember (and then looked up the transcript) of the Democrats first 2008 Presidential debate.

As the Brits would say, I was gobsmacked when I read moderator Brian Williams’ question. Many were the kind real journalists would ask, not the softballs we see teed up nowadays when Democrats running for President are asked questions by an-in-the-tank media corps. Here’s what Williams said (it was obviously more a joke among buddies than a question) on April 27, 2007:

WILLIAMS: Senator Biden, words have in the past gotten you in trouble, words that were borrowed and words that some found hateful. An editorial in the Los Angeles Times said, “In addition to his uncontrolled verbosity, Biden is a gaffe machine.” Can you reassure voters in this country that you would have the discipline you would need on the world stage, Senator?

SEN. BIDEN: Yes. (Laughter.)

MR. WILLIAMS: Thank you, Senator Biden. (Laughter.)

The Biden Gaffe Machine, of course, is in full throttle. In speaking off the cuff (and also off of teleprompters, for that matter), Biden’s language is a stranger in a strange land. But for all his verbal malapropisms and baffling sentences in search of an elusive predicate, Biden’s message is crystal-clear to the Planned Parenthoods and NARALs.

He is with them with all the enthusiasm of a convert to the cause of death. You can count on Biden through thick and thin.

You will hear supporters/reports offer many reasons why Biden is not such a bad guy. He may be a prince of a fellow at home, for all we know.

But what we can know for sure is that as sturdy and unwavering a champion of unborn children President Donald Trump has been, Joe Biden will match him with a lethal discipline to multiply the number of dead babies at home and abroad.

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