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Celebrity Sarah Silverman uses clap for healthcare workers to salute abortion providers

by | Jun 1, 2020

Celebrity Sarah Silverman has used the COVID-19 ‘clap for carers’ to praise abortionists who have been continuing to kill unborn children during the lockdown. 

By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

Sarah Silverman
Photo: Gage Skidmore

American actress and comedienne, Silverman, was spotted on her New York balcony, bashing together pots and pans in what is normally known as the COVID-19 ‘clap for carers’. The clap for carers is intended to be a symbol of respect and thanks for those frontline workers battling to protect human life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hours before the clap, Silverman wrote on Instagram: “TONIGHT at 7 wherever you are, join in dedicating your salute to essential workers to abortion providers.” She stated that the clap would “honour all those who provide abortion care.”

Silverman’s statement on social media generated huge criticism even from her own personal Instagram following.

One user responded to Silverman stating: “No. Don’t clap for the largest group killing black people. Wrong message.”

Another user wrote: “Boo!!! Abortion is murder. Where is the justice and protests for these children?”

This is not the first time Silverman’s extreme pro-abortion ideology has generated attention.

In 2012, the celebrity provoked widespread criticism and was accused of being ‘insensitive’ after posting a satirical before and after abortion picture of her stomach on social media. Silverman wrote: “Got a quickie aborsh in case R[oe] v W[ade]  gets overturned.”

“Overindulged” Silverman disrespects the sacrifices made by key workers

Eden Linton, SPUC Youth and Education Officer said: “It is despicable that during a time when communities come together to give thanks to the frontline workers who are risking their lives to save ours, elitist celebrities like Silverman deem it appropriate to deflect from their efforts and instead salute those who continue to take human life as the world battles to save it. Eden continued

“The fact that overindulged, elitist celebrities like Silverman believes the work of abortionists to be equal to those brave workers battling to save human life, exposes just how out of touch she is with reality and the average person struggling through this pandemic.

“Real healthcare saves lives. Silverman’s actions disrespect healthcare workers and deflect from the effort and sacrifices made over the previous months.”

Abortion providers claim they are “superheroes” during the pandemic

During the Coronavirus pandemic, global efforts have been made to preserve and protect human life with millions of healthcare workers risking their life and wellbeing to continue to provide genuine life-saving treatments.

International abortion giant, Marie Stopes, which on average kills 4.8 million unborn children each year, has stated on social media that they believe themselves to be equal to the healthcare workers battling to protect people from COVID-19.

In a distasteful social media statement, Marie Stopes International posted a picture of a celebratory cake and stated: “Although they don’t wear capes, our MSI providers are superheroes.  In the midst of a pandemic, they’re working hard to save lives and empower women.”

The statement from Marie Stopes International generated a storm of criticism as social media users took to the comment section to express their outrage.

One user called the statement from Mare Stopes “an insult to actual healthcare workers who are saving lives, not ending lives” whilst another user accused the abortion giant of trying to “take the glory” from real doctors and nurses.

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