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Dark day for Guernsey as rights of the unborn are trampled by politicians

by | Jun 25, 2020

By SPUC—The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

On a dark day for Guernsey, the island’s Assembly elected to double the time limit for abortions from 12 weeks to 24 weeks, the current United Kingdom (UK) standard, as members voted 23 to 13 for the horrific proposals that trample the rights of the unborn.

After a debate between members of Guernsey’s Assembly, a self-governing British crown dependency, pro-abortion politicians voted to further deprive unborn babies of their right to life, in some cases allowing abortion up to the point of birth, by a margin of ten votes.   

As part of this shocking pro-abortion legislation, the time limit for the abortion of babies seen to have “significant” abnormalities was increased from 24 weeks to the moment of birth, while the limit for healthy babies was increased to 24 weeks, in the line with the rest of the UK.

Other pro-abortion measures passed included the proposal to reduce the current requirement to have two doctors agree to an abortion. Now only one doctor may sign-off, though abortions outside of a medical setting have now, in effect, been decriminalised as well.

“Let Babies Live! Choose Life”, Islanders proclaimed

In response to the scheduled debate at Guernsey’s Royal Court, local anti-abortion resistance rallied to oppose the relaxation of abortion laws, which have now been passed.

Outside the courthouse, over a dozen pro-life islanders stood determined in silent witness as the destinies of an untold number of unborn children were held in the balance.

Achieving coverage in the local press, as well as on TV, the SPUC-backed islanders advanced their pro-life message in a dignified and heartfelt manner – all proudly holding signs declaring: “Let Babies Live! Choose Life.” These placards were supplied by SPUC.

The peaceful vigil followed the call by a local parish priest, Fr. Bruce Barnes, for islanders to pray and mobilise against the proposed legislation, which the Catholic Bishop of Portsmouth, Philip Egan, also urged Guernsey pro-lifers to resist. This call was backed up by SPUC, which supported islanders by providing them with an in-depth analysis regarding the decriminalisation of abortion, written by Dr. Greg Pike, a Research Fellow at the Bios Centre, London.

Ultimately, more than twenty islanders, supported by SPUC, answered the pro-life call.

Guernsey SPUC member Anthony Meadowcroft, who helped organise the witness, thanked SPUC, which supplied the placards for the witness, saying: “Thank you for all the help you have given us over the last weeks, without you we would be struggling.”

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