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Injunction against Kentucky’s Dismemberment Abortion law upheld

by | Jun 10, 2020

By Kentucky Right to Life

Dismemberment Abortion is what it is. The arms, legs and torso are torn off and the head is crushed to abort the living child. Yet, as destructive as this IS, somehow the body parts of pre-born babies are harvested for medical research, as was exposed by the Center for Medical Progress beginning in 2015.

The [Louisville] Courier-Journal did not have an extensive article celebrating the June 2nd Court of Appeals decision which said Kentucky’s passage of HB454 was unconstitutional. As well, the brief article was never linked from the home page. 

An excellent article was posted in the National Right to Life News.


Our pro-life General Assembly passed HB454 in 2018 to make the dismemberment of living unborn babies illegal. It was immediately challenged by the EMW and ACLU. When District Judge McKinley handed the victory to the EMW, then-Gov. Bevin appealed the case.

At the Appeals Court hearing last January in Cincinnati, few abortion supporters showed up—as shown in the media conference photo (all press, ACLU attorney, no supporters), but pro-lifers packed the courtroom and the media event. (See photo.)

The law to stop the dismemberment of living unborn babies is not pro-life legislation; it is to uphold human dignity and to address fetal pain. AG Daniel Cameron noted in the press conference following the hearing that Kentucky would not permit this gruesome and inhumane medical procedure to be practiced on an animal: Why do we accept it for the human infant? He also promised to pursue the case to the Supreme Court if needed. We will post again as news is made.

Other states have successfully passed such legislation. The NRLC followed up with a statement on June 5th.

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