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Should Virginia add a Right-to-Abortion Amendment to the Constitution?

by | Jun 8, 2020

By Olivia Gans Turner  

Radical pro-abortion politicians like Governor Ralph Northam (who declared abortion an “essential service” when he shut down the state due to COVID-19), Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw, and abortion promoters like Planned Parenthood are determined to permanently legalize taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand up until birth and beyond, by amending the Virginia Constitution.

We are just as determined to stop them from passing this extreme Right-to-Abortion Amendment to the Virginia Constitution.

But we need your help TODAY.

Please help ensure that we can defeat this attempt to amend the Virginia Constitution to include a so-called Right-to-Abortion.

ACTION STEP: Please SIGN the Petition to Oppose the Right-to-Abortion Amendment to the Virginia Constitution.

This petition will let the Virginia General Assembly know that Virginians are opposed to this extreme plan to permanently expand abortion rights and eliminate virtually every single pro-life law on the books.

We will need to launch a massive effort through education, grassroots activism, social media, a multi-channel advertising campaign, lobbying and more to defeat this amendment.

I know this is not the best time to send this email while we are all coping with the Coronavirus, social distancing and the impact of the lockdown on your financial situation.

But we need to begin our efforts now if we are going to defeat this pro-abortion amendment.


Look at how committed Governor Northam is to abortion. Even during the Coronavirus lock-down he kept facilities that did abortions open as an “essential service”. Keeping abortion facilities open, allowing them to continue using medical supplies that were in short-supply, that should have been used in hospitals to save lives instead.

I am outraged by this and I hope you are too.

And we just don’t have time to wait until this crisis is over to begin fighting against this Right-to-Abortion Constitutional Amendment.

We don’t have deep-pocketed celebrities or get massive taxpayer subsidies like Planned Parenthood. We rely on the support of grassroots pro-lifers all across the Commonwealth.

This threat is too dangerous not to have an all hands on deck approach to this fight right now.

Just look at the impact of what this amendment would do if added to the Virginia Constitution.

*Unscrupulous Abortionists will be able to perform abortions on minor age girls without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

*Babies partially delivered will be killed by Partial-Birth Abortions.

*Taxpayer funding of a huge number of abortions.

*Reversing the long-term trend of declining number of abortions in Virginia.

*Even modest restrictions on abortion until birth will be eliminated

*And no more pro-life laws will be passed in Virginia – ever, not even the rational Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.


I hope you understand how dire this threat is to unborn babies in Virginia and why I had to write this email to you…

…and more importantly that you will respond today!

The good news is this process gives us several different steps in which to stop this awful amendment.

The bad news is that all of them will involve an extensive, coordinated campaign of grassroots activism, paid advertising, lobbying and turning out pro-life voters.

The process for passing an Amendment to the Virginia Constitution has four steps:

1. Passage of the Amendment by the Virginia General Assembly

2. An election for the House of Delegates must be held in between General Assembly Sessions

3. Passage of the Amendment by the Virginia General Assembly again following the election

4. Passage by a voter referendum.

We need to begin educating Virginians all across the commonwealth about the dangerous impact this pro-abortion amendment would cause so we can stop it either in the General Assembly or in the referendum.

As you can see the threat is real.

Time is short to begin to educate the public of the dangers of this amendment, recruit grassroots activists to help us fight passage of the amendment, pressure members of the General Assembly to oppose this amendment, and start identifying and mobilizing pro-life voters to elect pro-life members of the General Assembly or to vote against this referendum.


Pro-abortion politicians who currently control the General Assembly and activists are trying to push this amendment through with innocent sounding language by calling it “personal reproductive freedom”.

Now there are a lot more details to our plan to defeat this amendment than I have time or space to put into this email. But I can assure you we have a comprehensive plan to defeat this amendment.

The first step to that plan is to distribute this petition to as many Virginians as possible.

VSHL has been fighting to protect the unborn for a long time. We were the first state-wide pro-life organization in the country. And even now we are the only state-wide single-issue pro-life group in Virginia.

But we can’t do it alone.

We need your help and we need it today.

You can start by signing and sharing the Stop the Right-to-Abortion Amendment Petition today.

As you consider whether to sign this petition, remember how you felt when you heard the exchange between Delegate Tran and Delegate Gilbert. When Delegate Tran coldly said her bill would eliminate virtually all restrictions on abortion right up until birth.

Remember how you felt when Governor Northam advocated for allowing babies who survived abortions to die from a lack of medical care when defending Delegate Tran’s bill.

This amendment would put Delegate Tran’s bill into the Virginia Constitution. And that is only one part of the permanent damage this radical Right-to-Abortion Amendment this would cause.

Remember your outrage and act today!


We cannot let the pro-abortion groups and their allies win this battle so please help us in the fight by signing the petition right away.

Again, I wish I didn’t have to contact you when we are dealing with the Coronavirus. I hope you and your family are safe during this difficult time, but I could not wait any longer. My prayers are with you during this time.

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