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The moment of truth for the ex-abortionist: “What did this baby do to you?” It’s not the baby’s fault.

by | Jun 1, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

Among the most persuasive pro-life advocates are women who now understand the full gravity of the decision they made to abort their child and would do anything to bring that child back to life. It was many years ago now, but I honestly remember the conversation I had with a woman who casually mentioned she had undergone two abortion like it was yesterday.

By the time we finished talking many hours later, regret and remorse and repentance washed over her face and filled her voice. That response had virtually nothing to do with what I’d said and everything to do how her own words pierced the shield of laid-back indifference she had fabricated.

I thought of that conversation when I read Sarah Terzo’s kind-hearted analysis of the journey of an ex-abortionist. (See here.) This was a woman who had wandered into the darkest depth. She saw performing abortions as a kind of “challenge.” Kathi Aultman told Lila Rose

I was challenged by the procedure and I really hate to say this, but the bigger the better. I cringe now when I say that, but I wanted to do the biggest ones I could. It was a challenge, and my whole focus was being good at what I did and stretching the limits.

Her passage told a long time. Aultman passed stops (such as having a baby of her own) that you might think would surely persuade her to get the killing trade. But it didn’t.

The tipping point was a particular woman and her companion.

Then the next woman came in with a friend, and sometimes people did want to see the tissue. And the friend said, “Do you want to see the tissue?” And she said, “No. I just want to kill it.”

And it just hit me, like cold water in the face. And I thought, “What did this baby do to you?” It’s not the baby’s fault.

Exactly. What did this poor hapless baby, who did not will his or herself into existence, “do to you?”

Please take a few minutes out as read Sarah’s great summary analysis.

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