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Babies are always blessings—sometimes two-fold or three-fold

by | Jul 14, 2020

By Maria V. Gallagher

The friends had gathered together via video-conferencing—the next best thing to “being there” in these days of Corona virus.

The prayer requests flowed out like a torrent—for a husband recovering from cancer surgery…for a son awaiting medical test results…for friends in California who cannot attend church services—again—because of COVID-19.

And then, almost as an afterthought, came the news that brightened the day—the word that an acquaintance had learned she was pregnant with twins. 

And all of a sudden the day looked more manageable than before, the future more hopeful—all because of the announcement of a double pregnancy.

 This is as it should be. Far too often, mothers of multiples are not given the love and support they deserve. Too many times, mothers of growing families face a barrage of unkind remarks and stares.

But babies are always blessings—sometimes two-fold or three-fold. In a world that offers “selective reductions,” aka abortions, the pro-life community welcomes unborn children with open arms and helping hands.

Rather than treating babies as burdens that must be eliminated, pro-life advocates see the beauty in every ultrasound, the immeasurable value in every life.

Indeed, a baby is a sign that, despite all our troubles, the world will go on. And that’s an epiphany worthy of celebration! 

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