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Barbara Bollier: Abortion Extremist–Part I

by | Jul 6, 2020

By Kansans for Life

Barbara Bollier
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Barbara Bollier is the front-running Democratic candidate for the open U.S. Senate seat currently held by long-time pro-life Senator Pat Roberts.

Bollier, an anesthesiologist who has been retired longer than she ever practiced medicine, accumulated an extreme pro-abortion voting record from her combined 11 years in the Kansas House and Senate. No other state legislator has ever worked harder to kill pro-life bills than Bollier.

In this three-part series, we will highlight a few of the common-sense, publicly-supported regulations on the abortion industry passed by the legislature and examine Barbara Bollier’s concerted efforts to stop them from becoming law and saving lives.

Bollier was in the Kansas House from 2010-2016, and would condescendingly remind her colleagues during floor debate that “she was a doctor.” The medical information she used in her arguments against pro-life bills was often biased or even completely outdated, as was the case with the 2011 Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, HB 2218.

As part of our testimony in support of the bill, Kansans for Life submitted extensive documentation of the latest, most comprehensive, scientific evidence proving that unborn children can feel pain by at least 22 weeks gestation. 

But the truth did not stop Barbara Bollier from expressing her extreme abortion activism on the House floor during debate. Admitting that she lacked 2-year subspecialty pain management training, Bollier still opposed the medical findings in the bill. Imagine anyone fighting vigorously for the right to destroy the life of a baby, especially a baby who can feel pain. That is the real Barbara Bollier.

She attempted to shock her colleagues by sharing graphic photos of an infant missing his brain and spinal cord, implying that the child was not really human, and did not deserve protection. She cited claims from pro-abortion sources that preborn children could not feel pain until a much later stage of development.

Interestingly, one adamant fetal pain denier co-authored a paper published earlier this year in which he stated “…that the neuroscientific data, especially more recent data, could not support a categorical rejection of fetal pain.” (see Reconsidering fetal pain)

Fortunately, Bollier’s weak arguments won very few legislators to her side. The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act passed both chambers with strong bi-partisan support and was signed into law. The law has been in effect since 2011, saving the lives of many preborn children.

Now that law is in danger of being struck down, due to the failure of the Value Them Both Amendment to pass the legislature this year. Every Democratic legislator, including Barbara Bollier, voted against it. 

With a who’s who of pro-abortion elites backing her campaign and raising significant sums of money (See, it is safe to say that she is the most pro-abortion candidate to run for statewide office in Kansas.

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