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David Brooks’ fantasies about “President Biden’s First Day”

by | Jul 17, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

Hey, it’s his column so the New York Times’ David Brooks can fantasize about “President Biden’s First Day” to his heart’s content. Opinion-shapers like Brooks probably wrote their first draft of their story about “President [Anyone but Trump’s] First Day before pro-life President Donald Trump was even sworn in. They hated him then (most hated Mr. Trump long before he became President] and the intensity of their aversion has grown pathological.

You don’t have to particularly like Mr. Trump to realize that the criticism is almost unfathomable in its breadth, depth, and totality. 

Anyway back to “President Biden’s First Day.” 

To understand Brooks (no easy trick), you have to grasp Biden is the latest in a string of politicians that  writers such as Brooks believe will square the circle: assimilate the agenda of the craziest of the pro-abortionist wing of the party (to name just one) but also possess a working class image that will fool the electorate into thinking he’s “just one of them.” As Brooks writes

For two decades American politics has centered on a bitter culture war between the white working-class heartland and university-bred coastal elites. [Of which Brooks rightly concedes both Clintons and Barack Obama were members.] In 2016, Trump beat Clinton among the white working class by a crushing 28 points.

But Biden is not an emblem of this coastal elite.

He’s just a regular Joe, literally and metaphorically. The Biden of Brooks’ imagination will rein in the size of government; calm the nation’s collective nerves; govern without “ideology”; and for good measure after President Joe Biden gets through we will be able to look back and tell our children “the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”

[Whoops, President Obama already accomplished that.)

And—and– the “deplorables” (aka, you and me) will love him!

It’s such utter nonsense, so utterly divorced from reality you can only come to one conclusion: the column is quintessential David Brooks.

It’s as if Joe Biden has not spent most of his entire life in Washington, DC. He is still a kid from Scranton, Pa. Or that he is some sort of budget-hawk. Or has not bowed down to the most radical fringes of his party or adopted policy positions that no one in Scranton, Pa. would find appealing.

Brooks wouldn’t be musing this way 110 days out from the election if he wasn’t pretty sure it’s in the bag. A done deal. A sure thing.

It will be such as delight to re-read this column when President Trump is re-elected.

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