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Gov. Whitmer: Abortion is Not “Life Sustaining”

by | Jul 15, 2020

Editor’s note. This appeared in the Summer issue of Right to Life News of Michigan.

What does it mean to “sustain life”? A dictionary will use words like support, nourish, or keep up to define “sustain.” Many things are needed to sustain life, from basics like food and water to higher needs like purpose and community. These are needs common to every human being. Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-Mi.)has a different definition of sustaining life. She believes abortion is life sustaining. 

In the worst days of the pandemic, frontline medical personnel were forced to reuse personal protective equipment. While they struggled in some areas to deal with a wave of sick patients, abortion facilities continued using up scarce resources while abortions continued as if no statewide emergency existed. 

While people were waiting for cancer scans, heart surgeries, joint replacements—all because of Governor Whitmer’s executive orders—they could have gotten an abortion easily, for absolutely any reason. To defend the waste of needed equipment and blatantly unfair treatment of outpatient surgeries, Governor Whitmer declared abortion is “life-sustaining.” She used those words on a podcast as part of her national media blitz to further her vice presidential aspirations. 

What is the opposite of “sustain”? Words like stop, harm, deny. Abortion stops a pregnancy by harming the unborn child, denying their right to life. In Governor Whitmer’s mind, the unborn child has zero human dignity. The only question she considers is what will help the woman’s future? If keeping the child helps her lifestyle, do that. If killing the child helps her lifestyle, do that instead. We mostly shut down the state’s economy on the premise that we must sacrifice our lifestyles to protect the weakest among us. Governor Whitmer clearly agreed with that, as do many other Michiganders who support abortion. So where is the disconnect? How can we say 40 million Americans losing their jobs is worth it to save many lives, but we must allow killing human beings as an alternative to continuing a pregnancy and then pursuing adoption? 

We can see the patient who dies from pneumonia. We can see the unemployed person who dies from an opioid overdose. Because we can’t see a baby being meticulously dismembered in the womb with our own eyes, many of us can pretend it never happened—and has no longterm consequences for anyone else involved. 

Abortion does not sustain life; it sustains the banality of evil, at the cost of more than 25,000 Michigan lives every year.

[Michigan has since allowed surgical procedures in the state to resume. At no point, however, did Governor Whitmer back down from allowing abortion facilities to have special treatment and remain open—while nearly all other medical and dental services were restricted.]

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