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July digital edition of National Right to Life News is in your in-box

by | Jul 14, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

Earlier today, the 45-page July edition of National Right to Life News—“the pro-life newspaper of record”—landed in your in-box. I trust you may have had a chance to glance at several of the news stories, analyses, commentaries, and/or educational material.

It was a labor of love, made possible by a stable of superb writers. We’ll talk more about the issue tomorrow; here’s a quick highlight reel.

Page One offers an overview of the massive difference on Life between pro-life President Donald Trump and pro-abortion former Vice President Joe Biden. There is very helpful chart on page 17 which aptly summarizes the results in visual form.

Also on Page One we go into depth with the first of several stories about the Little Sisters of the Poor’s big Supreme Court victory. In the present climate, it cannot be stressed enough how fragile religious freedoms and right of conscience are in this country.

NRL President Carol Tobias provides an uplifting and inspiring column about “The privilege of helping to choose our Government.” Truly, just as eternal vigilance is the price of liberty, so, too, will that kind of vigilance one day win equal protection for unborn babies.

On pages 5 and 14, we examine in great detail the latest (and very encouraging) Gallup poll numbers on abortion and what they mean as we close in on the November 3 General Election. Single issue voting is alive and well—and it benefits pro-life candidates.

We also have two posts—pages 2 and 15—about the savage in-fighting within the pro-abortion ranks, particularly at Planned Parenthood. PPFA’s largest affiliate just canned their CEO and the affiliate from which that woman came is in chaos two years after her departure.

As always, there is a bevy of inspiring stories—babies who survived awful prognoses (and whose parents refused to abort), the impact of young pro-lifers on our Movement, the oldest woman in the US with Trisomy 18 turning 40 (her parents were told at birth their daughter would live four months); and the closing of Founder’s Women’s Health Center in Columbus, Ohio’s oldest abortion facility, which opened in 1973 just months after Roe v. Wade was decided.

Again, I trust you will read the issue cover to cover and share the good news with pro-life family and friends.

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