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Public’s approval of media during the pandemic drops; one of only two industries whose numbers did not improve

by | Jul 30, 2020

Will it change their behavior?

By Dave Andrusko

Granted, you have to actually look at the graph to understand the true importance of this poll, because the results are not specifically spelled out.

The headline reads, “The public’s view of almost every industry has improved since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new Axios/Harris poll.”

“Almost”?  Yes, there were two exceptions. The public was asked the following about 14 industries: “How has your view of each of the following industries changed since the start of the coronavirus pandemic?”

Twelve of these industries had improved ratings, starting with Doctors/Nurses/Hospitals and Grocery up by a whopping 47% and 35%, respectively. 

Who are the bottom two—the only two whose approvals marched in the wrong direction?

Well, our heavily biased, agenda-driven media can say they weren’t dead last. That dubious honor belonged to the airlines with a minus 7.

Just above them—just escaping the basement–was the media with a minus 5.

The question would be—and I am only slightly exaggerating—what if the view of the public about the media had not dropped 5% but 50%? Does anyone believe the media Big Shots and Not So Big Shots would be affected? 

That is, would ask themselves, “Hmm, I wonder why the public’s view of us has dropped so precipitously even while virtually all other industries have  improved from 6% to 47%?”And the answer, I would maintain, is no. 

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