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Sickening Moment: Teens Beating Pregnant Mom, Kicking Toddler Caught On Video

by | Jul 16, 2020

By Lauren Overhultz

A group of teens were reportedly caught on camera beating a pregnant woman and kicking her toddler.

The fight was caught on camera and circulated around Twitter on Monday. The fight reportedly took place Friday outside of a home in Brooklyn, according to a report published by the New York Post.

Two teenage girls can be seen in the video pushing her and pulling her hair. The woman is reportedly pregnant, The Sun reported.

A teenage boy runs towards the fight in the middle of the video and kicks the toddler. The boy’s mother reportedly defended his actions on Facebook, The Mirror reported. She claimed he wasn’t attempting to kick the toddler, but trying to jump over him.

(Credit: Twitter Screenshot taeukno010

“He didn’t try 2 kick that baby he tried 2 jump over the baby on to her and made a mistake…as y’all can see the baby ran from under the girl fighting while he was coming down,” the mom reportedly said on Facebook.

“My kid is not that type 2 kick a baby…accident [sic] happen.”

Brooklyn police confirmed they responded to a “disturbance” Friday involving minors and adults.

The woman reportedly suffered a minor head injury in the fight and was able to identify her assailants, the police said.

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