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SPUC political action in the Domestic Abuse Bill results in “a complete pro-abortion failure”

by | Jul 8, 2020

By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

A day of SPUC political action on Monday July 6th ended with “a complete failure for the pro-abortion lobby.” Amendments to the Domestic Abuse Bill aimed at decriminalising abortion and making DIY abortions permanent, did not succeed.

 “Yesterday ended in a complete pro-abortion failure,” Michael Robinson, SPUC Director of Communications said. “And SPUC is very much relieved that the abortion amendments were rejected by Parliament. SPUC undertook nationwide action to ensure that extreme amendments were rejected and we thank all of our supporters for their pro-active response during this time.”

New Clause 29 in the Domestic Abuse Bill, which sought to repeal sections 58 and 59 of the Offences Against the Person Act and so remove abortion from the criminal lawwas not chosen by the Speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle.

New Clause 28, which sought to make home abortions legal for domestic abuse victims, was selected for debate but was withdrawn by Dame Diana Johnson MP when it became clear it did not have support.

SPUC supporters take up call to action

Pro-lifers across the country responded admirably to SPUC’s call to lobby their MP. Their message was clear: Abortion has no place in a bill aimed at protecting women from domestic abuse.

SPUC’s Mr. Robinson said: “SPUC applauds all those who acted so quickly and contacted their MP. SPUC supporters were loud and clear in their message to MPs: abortion is not the solution to domestic abuse. Indeed, abortion is domestic abuse of the very worst kind.”

He added, “Lobbying really works and SPUC has over 50 years of experience in giving supporters first class information to uphold the right to life.”

SPUC’s pro-life presence outside Parliament

Yesterday morning, young SPUC supporters held a witness outside Parliament to give a clear pro-life message to Parliament and the country.

One supporter present at the witness said: “We are here first and foremost for women. No woman deserves to be in a situation where she can be coerced and forced into a choice that isn’t really hers. So I think it is disgraceful that this bill has been hijacked and they are trying to push policy which is not good for women. So it is really important for us to be here today for them.”

Encouragement from MPs

During the witness DUP MP Jim Shannon came out to give some words of optimism and support.

Mr. Shannon said: “I am very concerned about abortion and always have been. I am a Christian and believe in the sanctity of life. So for me from the early introduction of a baby in the womb to its eventual birth is very important… My concerns are that we try to prevent this happening to the Domestic Abuse Bill that abortion is not available on demand or liberalised in such a way that the baby in the womb is disregarded. Their life is every bit as important and the mother’s life as well.”

During the debate on the Domestic Abuse Bill, many MPs expressed their concerns in Parliament, where they described the power which Clause 28 would have given to abusive men.

Dangerous consultation announced

Yesterday evening, the government announced that it would launch a consultation on whether DIY [Do It Yourself] home abortions should be made permanent after the pandemic.

“This is extremely dangerous and SPUC will be ready to combat this threat to mothers and unborn children,” SPUC’s Michael Robinson concluded.

“A consultation will be a vehicle for the Government to set out its plan to make DIY abortions permanent. A consultation will enable the Government to go through the motions of listening to all views and then to rubber stamp its own agenda.

“But we will use the consultation to be a voice for voiceless unborn babies in our land. We will be a voice for abused and oppressed women.“We will raise our voices loud and clear once again in the forthcoming consultation. We will not remain silent. Lives are at stake.”

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