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The privilege of helping to choose our Government

by | Jul 15, 2020

By Carol Tobias, NRL President

Editor’s note. The President’s column appears on Page Three of the July digital edition of National Right to Life News. Please read the entire 45-page-long issue and pass along stories to your pro-life family and friends.

We just celebrated the 244th birthday of the United States. Because of the pandemic and related restrictions, many Americans were unable to celebrate with the festivities and fireworks as they have in previous years.

A cursory thought might be, “I missed the fun of gathering with family and friends.” But maybe the limits placed on July 4 activities, along with the violent protests we have witnessed, will generate deeper reflection. Do we yearn for a renewal of, and a deeper appreciation for, the ideals upon which our country was founded? Although the answer might not be obvious to some, I believe the answer is yes!

Different holidays engender different emotions. For me, the Fourth of July — Independence Day — brings forth pride in my country. The United States was founded on principles of individual rights and freedoms, with the first right being the right to Life.

Are we perfect? Nope. So long as nations are comprised of mere mortals, no nation will be. And we continue to work toward the standards set by those great early leaders. Since our founding, it is no accident that people from all over the world have come here, looking for freedom and opportunity.

As President Donald J Trump stated during his July 3 speech, at Mt. Rushmore, “We believe in equal opportunity, equal justice, and equal treatment for citizens of every race, background, religion, and creed. Every child, of every color — born and unborn — is made in the holy image of God”

But keeping a country, and a government, which guarantees individual freedom and rights is no easy matter. Ultimately, it depends on involvement by the people themselves.

In his Thoughts on Government, John Adams, our second President, wrote, “It has been the will of Heaven that we should be thrown into existence at a period when the greatest philosophers and law-givers would have wished to live… a period when a coincidence of circumstances without example has afforded to thirteen colonies at once an opportunity of beginning government anew from the foundation and building as they choose. How few of the human race have ever had an opportunity of choosing a system of government for themselves and their children? How few have ever had anything more of choice in government than in climate?”

Our challenge isn’t to establish a new form of government. As has been the case since July 4, 1776, it is to renew and protect what President Lincoln described as “the last best hope of earth.”

As citizens of a free nation, we are blessed to be able to work within the most wonderful system of government ever devised to elect men and women who believe unborn children should be protected; who believe that the lives of the elderly and the medically disabled have value and merit legal protection, not because of who they are, but just because they are.

In order to do that, though, pro-lifers have to work hard. Pro-lifers have 112 days to help elect those men and women who respect and who will protect innocent human life.

So what should you and I be doing between now and November 3?

*Make sure you are registered to vote! If you are not, or if you have moved or changed your name since the last election, you need to register (or re-register with updated information). An easy way to get started is to visit

*Ask your pro-life relatives, friends, and neighbors if they are registered to vote. Not all, but most states have a deadline for registration about 30 days before the election. That means we have a little over two months to get people registered.

*Reach out to friends and family members and get them involved to help educate and motivate other voters. NRLC has candidate information that can, and should, be shared with others. You can read President Trump’s record on Life and get information about candidates under “Endorsements” and “Resources” at

*There is absolutely nothing wrong with encouraging single-issue voting when that issue is Life! Life is the first right, the most fundamental right, the right without which all other rights are meaningless. We need people to understand that, of all the issues that we debate as a nation, none is more important than protecting innocent, vulnerable human life.

*And as always, pray. Pray for pro-life President Trump — for wisdom when making decisions, for strength to withstand the many attacks, and for determination as he continues to fight for the innocent little ones.

Pray for pro-life candidates and their campaigns at all levels of government — federal, state, and local. Having men and women who respect human life in any office is good for humankind.

Pray for voters that they would make the correct decisions as they enter the voting booth.

John Adams asked, “How few of the human race have ever had an opportunity of choosing a system of government for themselves and their children?”

We have the opportunity to choose a system of government for ourselves and our children. We need every pro-lifer to be active before, and voting in, November. I think John Adams would be disappointed if we weren’t.

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