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One Year Ago: Watching the Party of Death race off the cliff

by | Jul 27, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. Talk about remaining current. This story from a year ago is as accurate and substantive as it was when I wrote it. If anything, Democrats are even more militantly anti-life as they creep over from abortion until birth to passive approval of passive infanticide—death to abortion survivors by not treating them. And, of course, since then there is the intra-Planned Parenthood debacle over attempts at distancing the nation’s largest abortion provider from the eugenic legacy of its founder, Margaret Sanger.

I’d like to tie several news items together in a bundle that both makes a lot of sense and is very encouraging to pro-lifers. Why the encouragement? Simply because they reveal deep fissures within our benighted opposition which has, of its own volition, painted itself into a corner that they will find impossible to escape.

Here are three items, although I could easily offer many more. I will devote the most attention to #1.

#1. We’ve written a number of stories analyzing the in-house brawl that culminated in the sacking of Planned Parenthood President Dr. Leana Wen after only eight months. Ashley McGuire offered an excellent overview in an op-ed this week for USA Today which began,” There are public relations problems and there are public relations crises. Then there is what Planned Parenthood is experiencing with the departure of its former president, Dr. Leana Wen.”

In demonstrating Planned Parenthood’s monomaniacal devotion to abortion at the expense of genuine health care, Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon, NRLC’s director of Education & Research, has written the equivalent of a book. “Abortions R Us,” ought to be PPFA’s slogan.

As Dr. O’Bannon, Ashley McGuire, and yours truly have all written, Planned Parenthood took a calculated gamble in hiring a real doctor who was health commissioner for the city of Baltimore, no less. What if—without retreating an inch on abortion—Dr. Wen actually tried to move the largest abortion provider in the known world in a direction that addressed the real health needs of women?

She apparently did, which panicked [no lesser word will do] the board of Planned Parenthood and the board of its political arm. Here’s McGuire’s excellent summation:

Wen’s departure has left Planned Parenthood perhaps more exposed than ever. She didn’t just ding the organization for failing to prioritize women’s health. She irreversibly exploded the myth that comprehensive women’s health is something it cares about. The proof is Planned Parenthood’s willingness to take the extreme public heat for firing a passionate young doctor, and a minority immigrant at that, eight months into the job because the board so badly wants to protect access to abortion and little else. That board members were OK with being exposed as a pure political advocacy group despite the public relations toll it would bear belies just how extreme they have become.

So, #1. Planned Parenthood is vulnerable in a way it has never been before. And this PR disaster doesn’t address the efforts by the Trump administration and many states to prioritize Title X funds so that they go to public health departments, rather than Planned Parenthood. PPFA has tons of money, but even so, we are talking about serious dollars.

#2. What would someone wholly unfamiliar with any of the debate over abortion conclude if he or she were to drop in unannounced and observe the Democrats’ Dance with Death? They would instantly see there is not even a pretense at “moderation.” Remember “Abortion safe, legal and rare”?

“Abortion activists” (as they are called) have, so to speak, euthanized this famous (and wholly insincere) formulation by Bill Clinton. They are so intent on “demystifying” and “destigmatizing” abortion that they brag about how they can show women how to manually self-abort by “learning how to do an abortion on a papaya.”

Granted, it is unlikely the 20 Democrats running for president will carry fruit to next week’s second debate in Detroit to demonstrate how easy-peasy it is to kill unborn children. But they will attempt to outdo one another in pledging their fervent support for unlimited abortion paid for with tax dollars.

Could they go any further? This week pro-abortion Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar (from my home state of Minnesota) tweeted that she believes that illegal immigrants should be free to obtain abortions at taxpayer expense. Is there any chance any of the 20 Democrats who will be on stage in Detroit would disagree, if asked? Of course not.

So #2 is that in kneeling in supplication to Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and EMILY’s List, Democrats have assumed a position only a sliver of the American population agrees with.

#3. is an extension of #2. Former vice president and senator Joe Biden has, for the moment, survived the first wave of negative publicity following his out-of-body-like performance at the first debate in Miami. Having been clobbered by Sen. Kamala Harris, Biden has vowed to come out throwing haymakers.

I don’t believe that for a second. But if Biden gives as good as he gets, he will be eviscerated by the media for racism; sexism; and misogyny—for starters.

He may threaten to punch out President Trump in a fit of childish schoolyard bravado, and receive accolades from the media.

But call out Sen. Harris or Sen. Cory Booker, both African Americans, and when the media gets done with him, Biden will be little more than a puddle.

Pro-abortion Democrats are busy devouring one another in what will quickly become a no-holds-barred campaign to take on President Trump. This circular firing squad cannot—cannot—end well for them.

Add to this their fealty to abortion on demand—and to acquiescence (at a minimum) on infanticide—and you have the Party of Death racing off a cliff.

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