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What did you like best so far in the July digital edition of National Right to Life News?

by | Jul 22, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

As always, our readers are very complimentary, and I thank you for digging into the 45-page July edition of National Right to Life News “the pro-life newspaper of record.” For those who have responded, was/is there a particular kind of news story, analysis, commentary, or educational material that particularly caught your fancy? Let me know at

We know there is massive difference on Life between pro-life President Donald Trump and pro-abortion former Vice President Joe Biden. Page one explains those poles apart views, aided by a very helpful chart on page 17 which aptly summarizes the results in visual form.

NRL President Carol Tobias provides an inspiring column on page three: “The privilege of helping to choose our Government.” Her words of encouragement and practical suggestions are very much worth reading.

The July digital edition provides two stories (pages 5 and 14]on the latest Gallup findings. The pro-life advantage is alive and well among people who base their vote on a candidate’s position on abortion.

Perhaps my favorite (among many) story is Bonnie Finnerty’s “We are All Born Pro-Life” found on page 6. We have to unlearn what we know instinctively: “Life is precious. It is a gift to be celebrated and cherished. And protected.”

The story on page 27—“ Deep fissures exposed in pro-abortion movement over exclusion and racism”—couldn’t have been more timely. As you’ve been reading in NRL News Today (including today—“Five takeaways from the disavowal of Margaret Sanger by Planned Parenthood’s largest affiliate”), Planned Parenthood is in big trouble.

There are many more great stories here. Please read them, send them along to pro-life family and friends, and let me know which stories you liked best.

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