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A pro-abortion think tank offers its latest defense of unlimited abortion

by | Aug 3, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

I just saw this, so any in-depth observations will have to wait.  What am I talking about? The June issue of “Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health” (PSRH), one of Guttmacher’s publications. Guttmacher, of course, is the former research arm of Planned Parenthood and although now independent, fastidiously hews to PPFA’s agenda.

Our agenda is what PSRH has to say about abortion, nothing else. Here are the headlines of articles clearly related to abortion.

  • COVID‐19 Abortion Bans and Their Implications for Public Health
  • COVID‐19 and Immigrants’ Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Services in the United States
  • Reproductive Autonomy Is Nonnegotiable, Even in the Time of COVID‐19  and
  • “My Hands Are Tied”: Abortion Restrictions and Providers’ Experiences in Religious and Nonreligious Health Care Systems.

Here is a typical opening paragraph (from the first article):

The American Public Health Association (APHA) has long recognized that access to abortion is a fundamental right and an important component of comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care. However, under the guise of trying to protect the U.S. public during the COVID19 pandemic, a number of states have called this right into question. 

Or (from the third article),

We define reproductive autonomy as individuals’ ability to be fully empowered agents in their reproductive needs and decisions and to access reproductive health services without interference or coercion. …

Several threats to reproductive autonomy have arisen since the start of the global pandemic” [the aforementioned “number of states” that “have called this right into question”].

You get the drift. There can be no limitation—any—on “reproductive autonomy,” which when spelled out, is itself so broad as to be essentially limitless.

And any state that attempted to prioritize “essential” medical services is just an outgrowth of patriarchal power (a rhetorical flourish which I have not read yet in the essays but which is a bedrock proposition].

We’ll review at least one of these articles on Tuesday.

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