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CBS, NBC Telegraph Intent to Only Be Favorable to Biden’s VP Pick

by | Aug 11, 2020

By Nicholas Fondacaro 

In a pair of doting news reports from the CBS Evening News and NBC Nightly News on Monday, both of these defenders of Joe Biden tacitly admitted to viewers that they planned to only cover his pick for running mate favorably; refusing to be critical or vet them. They also suggested that being critical would be sexist and racist.

The most blatant admission came from CBS political correspondent Ed O’Keefe, who awkwardly ended his pro-Biden segment by noting: “As we await Biden’s choice several women’s rights leaders are calling on news organizations to ensure fair coverage of whoever she is. They call for ‘a new way of think about your role in how she is treated and the equality she deserves.’

As he read the quote, O’Keefe had a smile on his face and spoke in a tone that betrayed their intent to follow the order.

This collective of leftist organizations was the subject of a front-page report in Sunday’s Washington Post. According to the paper, “The groups are also focusing on bias from influencers, including the media, and issued a guide on Friday, advising how to avoid amplifying sexism and racism in news coverage.”

The paper provided a link to Ultraviolet’s guide for journalists, where they instructed reporters to not cover supposed “disinformation” about a candidate.

“The media must play a role in ensuring that women and people of color running for or holding office are represented fairly,” the group wrote. “This guide will help journalists and platforms identify and avoid unintentional sexist and racist bias or disinformation when interviewing, writing about, or moderating content about women and people of color running for or holding political office.”

O’Keefe also noted that Biden had received a letter demanding he pick a black woman.

Over on NBC, chief foreign affairs correspondent and Democrat establishment fan girl Andre Mitchell touted those leftist women’s groups. “Now, women’s groups are vowing to defend Biden’s running mate against sexism, such as a column comparing the selection process to an episode of The Bachelor,” she said.

“The discrimination, the stuff that’s out there on the internet, the attacks we’ve seen. So, that’s what they are doing, they are anticipating this. And I think it’s a good idea,” Sen. Amy Klobuchar told Mitchell in a sound bite.

Mitchell also boasted that “The campaign is also ready to combat racist attacks if Biden chooses a black woman.

Of course, the implicit suggestion from these networks and the leftist women’s groups was that any criticism or vetting of Biden’s pick was coming from a sexist and racist place. And given their penchant for defending their presidential candidate from himself, it meant they would be extending that protection to their entire ticket.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission.

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