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Day Two of the Republican National Convention: a moving defense of the humanity of unborn children and a powerful description of the cruelty of abortion

by | Aug 26, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

Unlike the first night of the Republican National Convention, when we were just getting home from vacation, my wife and I were able to watch almost the entirety of Day Two. One pro-life columnist asked, “Day 2: Is This the Most Pro-Life Convention Ever? ” Having watched many, many Republican conventions, I would certainly say “Yes!”

Yesterday, prior to the opening, National Right to Life wrote, “President Trump and President Pence Have Made the Right to Life a Cornerstone Issue of Their Administration.” 

Protection of vulnerable unborn life is also a cornerstone of this virtual convention. The difference in attitude between Joe Biden’s convention and Donald Trump’s is figuratively and literally night and day.

Where Democrats busied themselves hyperventilating over what is, in their eyes, President Trump’s many faults and failures, this convention is centered about how “Life is a core tenet of who we are as Americans,” in the words of Abby Johnson, a one-time Planned Parenthood’s Employee of the Year. Johnson is a now a full-time pro-life activist who founded “And Then There Were None,” an organization “that’s helped nearly 600 abortion workers transition out of the industry.”

Her speech, which detailed the experience that drove her out of the abortion business—assisting in the ultrasound-guided abortion of a hapless unborn baby—was nothing short of riveting.

Nothing prepared me for what I saw on the screen – an unborn baby fighting back, desperate to move away from the suction.

And I’ll never forget what the doctor said next – “Beam me up, Scotty.”

The last thing I saw was a spine twirling around in the mother’s womb before succumbing to the force of the suction.

On October sixth, I left the clinic, looking back only to remember why I now advocate so passionately for life.

Then there was Nick Sandmann, a remarkable young man, whose courage amidst a frenzy of hate-filled media attacks is well-known in pro-life circles but probably unknown to vast numbers of Americans. Last night, Nick retold his story of being confronted by a “professional protestor” just after leaving the 2019 March for Life in Washington, D.C.

In every sense of the word, the victim who refused to heighten the hostility, Sandmann instead was verbally assaulted by a galaxy of media types who couldn’t wait to denounce him—of course, without taking the time to get his side of the story. And there were some who couldn’t confine themselves to mere words.

Two CNN types, one still working there, said the following. That Sandmann was “a deplorable” who should be “punched in the face.”  And (over a screenshot of Sandmann looking at the man who taunted him ) “Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s?” 

Nick said

Advancing their anti-Christian, anti-Conservative, anti-Donald Trump narrative was all that mattered. And if advancing their narrative ruined the reputation and future of a teenager from Covington, Kentucky…so be it. That will teach him not to wear a MAGA hat! 

And, wouldn’t you know it. Although two media outlets have already settled with Nick over defamation suits he’d filed (a third is in the works), the usual suspects recycled the same vile nonsense about him last night. Hate, it seems, has no expiration date.

A great second evening. We’ll fill you in tomorrow over what happens tonight. 

Pro-life speakers include Vice President Mike Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence, joined by Kellyanne Conway who has played many indispensable roles, first for candidate Trump and then for President Trump.

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