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Our Movement is guided and sustained by the wisdom of an older “pro-life generation”

by | Aug 28, 2020

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

The “Pro-Life Generation” actually spans many decades. I was reminded of this fact recently by my interactions with two people in their 90s.   

Betty, a faithful pro-life leader, has been weathering the pandemic, while still reaching out to pregnant women in need. She has seen much hardship during COVID-19, but she continues to work tirelessly on behalf of mothers and their preborn babies. Ever sharp in mind and buoyant in spirit, she’s the type of pro-lifer I’d like to grow up to be!

 The other nonagenarian I encountered this past week is Joe. Joe, who soldiered on courageously after losing his wife a few years back, approached me in church. He walked all the way down to my pew just to tell me he had listened to a talk radio segment I had done about the state of the pro-life movement in America. He wanted to let me know he was so inspired, he wanted to resume volunteering again for the pro-life cause. 

These two, Betty and Joe, have lived through the full horror of Roe v. Wade. They remember a time when preborn children were cherished, and not discarded like yesterday’s newspaper. They have labored, year in and year out, to reverse Roe and to restore legal protection for children in their mothers’ wombs.

You might think after so many decades they might consider giving up. But not these individuals, who belong to what’s often been referred to as the Greatest Generation.

Shaped by World War II, they know the fragility of life. They will not surrender to the forces of death and destruction. It is no exaggeration to say, they cannot surrender because that would be a betrayal of who they are.

I salute all those in their 90s who continue to answer the call to protect innocent human life from the very moment of conception to the instant of natural death. You are modern-day superheroes, and we are blessed to have you continuing to serve in the pro-life, pro-love movement.      

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